Reform Magazine

January 2002

Reform Magazine is sponsored by Scitec Nutrition, which is the sole advertiser in this issue. The magazine, 64 pages long, offers various articles, and info.

January 2002 - Table of Contents
Issue 3


  • A Lightning Bolt of Confidence
    Golf Wonderkid - The Ty Tryon Story. Ty is a poster boy for amateur gold's new world of baby faced kids whose dream is to trade shots with Tiger Woods.

  • Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
    The best tasting gourmet protein shake in the world.

  • Sexy & Fit
    Mona Beaulieu

  • Matters of the Heart
    Prevent Heart Disease By Making A Fe w Good Decisions. Every year 450,000 Americans diet from heart disease.

  • Scientific Body Transformation
    We'll show you how to achieve the best shape of your life.

  • Dear Readers
    It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the third issue of Reform Magazine.

  • Editorial
    Welcome to the fourth edition of Reform magazine. By the Reform Team.

  • Spotlight
    Interview with Joe Palumbo, IFBB pro bodybuilder, police office, and an all around great guy.

  • Resistance
    Shoulder training tips, make improvements, not repairs, including isometric lat pull, seated overhead shoulder press, standing bent arm side raises, standing lateral crossover raises, standing lateral front raises, upright rows, and more.

  • Stamina
    Lifelong Fitness. Aging is not based on the number of year's you've lived, but on how you've lived your years. By Bob DelMonteque.

  • Reflections
    Acing the swimwear competitions. While swimwear is subjective judging, it is not beyond a competitor's ability to control her destiny.

  • Reform Recipes
    Nutritious meals and shakes, including Oriental Honey Chicken Kabobs, Protein Pancakes, and more.