Steele Jungle Publications
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March 2001

Steele Jungle Publications is a quarterly newspaper dedicated to bodybuilding, powerlifting and exercise. Our emphasis is on natural conditioning; our philosophy to enhance public knowledge and awareness on the dangerous side effects of anabolic steroids, androgens and growth hormones. On the cover is Elizabeth Phillips and Jeanne-Marie Huber.

March 2001 Table of Contents
Volume 10, #35


  • ANBC Schedules
  • Asheville - to host North Carolina Supernatural
  • Box Scores
  • Classifieds
  • Drug Free Registry
  • FDA warns against Fat Burner
  • Letters to Editor
  • Natural Schedules
  • NGA Schedules
  • Suddenly Last Summer

Cult of Personalities

  • Clarence McGill: Bobby Timmon's Athlete
  • Elizabeth Phillips: NGA's amateur queen
  • Gary Masington: A restrospect on his career
  • Greg Amore's: His wild European ride
  • Hugo Frazier: On the Move with the USBF
  • Jaison Metnick: ANBC Junior Champion
  • Jeanne-Marie Huber: ANBC's Female Champion
  • Kara Cameron: Former ANBC Champ wins
  • Robert Green: NGA Pro Universe Champ
  • Legendary Len Bosland

Contest Results

  • ANBA Bodybuilding 101
  • ANBC USA NAtionals
  • NGA Mt. Rogers
  • NGA Upper Midwest

Training and Nutrition

  • Brian Black - Before and After
  • Repairing Cartilage Tissue
  • The Quest - by Yohnnie Shambourger

Politics as Usual

  • ANBC Chairman's Report
  • Baltimore Turf Battle
  • Jimmy Ray's Scandal Sheet
  • NGA Speaks out
  • Raw! Egg - Zactly
  • To Dope or Not to Dope
  • Vilma Caez - Appears at ANBA Nationals