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June 2001

Steele Jungle Publications is a quarterly newspaper dedicated to bodybuilding, powerlifting and exercise. Our emphasis is on natural conditioning; our philosophy to enhance public knowledge and awareness on the dangerous side effects of anabolic steroids, androgens and growth hormones. On the cover is Vivianna Requena and Terry Baldwin.

June 2001 Table of Contents
Volume 10, #36


  • ANBA Throws in the Towel! It's Over
  • ANBC Schedules
  • Box Scores
  • Classifieds
  • Letters to Editor
  • Natural Schedules
  • NGA Schedules
  • North Carolina Supernatural
  • Suddenly Last Summer

Cult of Personalities

  • Charles William Walker
  • Dori Townsend - Mountain States Queen
  • Flloyd Alan Campos - Powerlifter and Bodybuilder
  • Jaqueline Frere - NGA's Top Professional
  • Jay Piccirillo Enters 1st bodybuilding event
  • Jeanne - Marie Huber responds
  • Stacey Keshuta - Galaxy Gal
  • Terry Baldwin
  • Can he win the NGA's biggest prize?

Contest Results

  • ANBC Sin City
  • ANBC Lion County Classic
  • NGA Can-Am
  • NGA Natural Massachusetts
  • NGA Metro - Philly
  • NGA Rhode Island
  • NPA 2000 Tri-Cities

Training and Nutrition

  • Anthony DeAngelis: NGA pro keeps improving
  • Can bodybuilders change society?
  • Extraordinary Back, by Yohnnie Shambourger
  • Idaho's Brent - Mr. NGA VanPelt
  • Muscle Repair - by John Heck
  • Travis Rickert's Training

Politics as Usual

  • ANBC Chairman's Report
  • Jimmy Ray's Scandal Sheet
  • NGA Speaks Out
  • Silas Vows to Raise the Bar
  • Steroid Doctor Busted
  • Mystery of the GLFG
  • What Ever happened to the NGA's Brian McIsaac?