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December 1997

Steele Jungle Publications is a quarterly newspaper dedicated to bodybuilding, powerlifting and exercise. Our emphasis is on natural conditioning; our philosophy to enhance public knowledge and awareness on the dangerous side effects of anabolic steroids, androgens and growth hormones. On the cover is Dawn Butterfield, lady fitness.

December 1997 Table of Contents
Volume 6, Number 22


  • AOBS 15th annual reunion
  • Drug Testing in Powerlifting
  • Keystone Lifters set records
  • Natural Schedules
  • News Briefs
  • Rounding Up the Usual Suspects
  • Sexual Predators


  • Jackie Austrie turns NBI Pro
  • Dawn Butterfield: Lady Fitness Winner
  • Joyce Franks: North Carolina Rising Star
  • Keith Gills: Hotwires Florida Crowd
  • Justin Leonard: Does it his way
  • Corey Little: Team Bodybuilding Support
  • Brian Miller: Giving Thanks
  • Charley Moss: Wins Maine Supernatural
  • Candace Samuel: New Yorker takes AAU Gold
  • Mark Brian Teasley: Dedicates season to grandfather


  • AAU Mr/Ms Annapolis
  • FFHMDA National Championships
  • NABF Atlantic Natural
  • NABF Pro Am America Nationals
  • NABF Natural Xtravaganza
  • NGA Natural Olympus
  • Strongman / Woman Revisited


  • Back to the Basics
  • Finelli offers Challenge


  • Aminos: The Nutrients of Life
  • 100% Natural vs. Synthetic
  • The Power of Breath


  • A Head in the Sand attitude
  • Can the ANBC and NABF get along?
  • Draw the Line on Am / Pros
  • Drug Failures at Mr/Ms America
  • My Fall from Grace by Stan McCray
  • NPC Drug Testing is for Real
  • Racewalker Busted for Nadrolone
  • Short Changed at PA Classic