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Summer 2002

Universal Matters Magazine is a quarterly magazine published by Universal Nutrition, which promotes their line of products. It is an informative magazine with articles, pictures and features. On the cover is Tiffany Remley.

Summer 2002 - Table of Contents
Volume 5, Issue 3


  • Hand Weight Training, Part III
    Hand weight training boosts your strength, speed, muscular endurance and overall sports performance.

  • Harden Your Body Stadium Style, Part 1
    Why not do your cardio outside? By Marlene T. Harden, National Fitness Competitor.

  • Backing Things Up
    Back Workout, Rear Delts Workout, Shrugs, and Diet by Andre Scott.

  • Fitness Made Simple
    Staying fit on the road.

  • Nothing But Power
    Hardcore. Think you have what it takes. Up for the challenge? By Paul S. Vargo, WNPF Powerlifter.

  • Strength in Numbers
    Football training. Remember, weight training is not an exact science.

  • Legs for Ladies
    Since it is the largest muscle group in the body, leg day should be the hardest day of the week.

Nutrition & Supplements

  • Jenny Johnson's Complete Program
    Jenny's complete diet and exercise program, day by day for the week.

  • A Taster's Guide to 8 Popular MRPs
    Eight popular meal replacement powders, and a review of them.

  • Tom's Supplement Review
    Various products from various companies up for review.


  • Better Body Challenge
    Jenny Johnson gets into the transformation contest, and looks great.

  • Creatine
    What some supplement companies don't want you to know. If you are a smart athlete, you know that all creatine is not created equal.

  • The Ultimate Creatine Test
    How much do you really know? Take this true or false test.

  • Fighting Failure
    If you were not born one of the lucky ones, the ones who constantly eat all of the goodies but never gain an ounce, then we have a lot in common. By Tiffany Remley.

  • Studying Bodybuilding
    Learning how to balance a schedule and pursue and complete a dream takes work, effort and desire. By Jen Doxey, Collegiate Bodybuilder.

  • Q&A With Monica Brant
    Questions include Can you share the diet and training changes you have made; How can I fit 5-6 meals into my workday; does not training legs help you become more proportioned; and is high intensity or low intensity best for fat burning.

  • Lunatic Fringe
    Cardio Craziness. The bottom line in attaining sustained fat loss is creating a calorie deficit through reduced food intake or increased activity. By Joe DeAngelis, Mr. Universe.

  • From Fit Woman to Fit Mom
    Amy Tresky-Hahhad, an up and coming fitness competitor who is a 34 year old mother of two.

Regular Columns

  • Back in the Saddle Again
    Weekend Woman Warrior. Why do cycling jerseys have pockets on the back? Why do you need special shoes? Why did you have to wear those tight fitting black shorts? Why are serious riders so lean?

  • Tricks of the Trade
    Amusing Advertising Ploys, including Designer Protein with their good ads; and Pinnacle AquaLean with their claims.

  • Weighing In
    Questions and answers regarding various issues.

  • Mouthing Off
    The Art of Telling It Like It Is. Muscular Development saying they are a magazine not owned or in business with a major nutritional company. Yeah, right.

  • Real World Profile
    Connie Battles-Henson. I won the Oregon Ironman novice heavyweight and overall titles last year!