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Fall 2002

Universal Matters Magazine is a quarterly magazine published by Universal Nutrition, which promotes their line of products. It is an informative magazine with articles, pictures and features. On the cover is Vinnie Galanti.

Fall 2002 - Table of Contents
Volume 5, Issue 4


  • Leg Day
    Vinnie Galanti shares with us with typical leg routine. Whenever I got to the gym to train legs, my main focus is obviously the squat.

  • Harden Your Body Stadium Style
    Part two. You will notice that your heart rate will elevate out of the fat burning range, but because this is not for an extended period of time, the conditioning will benefit your heart and increase your cardiovascular endurance.

  • Arm Day
    Getting an arm up, for those who want bigger arms. You can't get huge guns unless you work the triceps, so don't ignore them. Every set must go to the absolute limit.

  • Cheetah Speed
    Stronger muscles move faster than weaker muscles.

  • Going Vertical
    One step at a time, including rebound jump, squat jump, side lunge, step-up, power step up and more.

  • Bench Like An Animal
    Part One: Foundation, by Paul S. Vargo, World Bench Press Champion


  • Maintaining Mom
    With the new baby schedule, you can't seem to find time to exercise. Relax, it can be done!

  • Starting Out Strong
    Mike Frizzell, AAPF Master World Record Holder, talks about training for teens.

  • The Ultimate Survivor
    Few athletes are as well rounded as Maris Sveiduks, World Bodybuilding Champions.

  • Real World
    Profile on Sebastian Zone, NPC Light Heavyweight Bodybuilder.


  • Q&A With Monica Brant
    Questions include '30 Pounds and Overweight'; 'Best to do Cardio in the Morning', 'Running to keep your legs in shape', 'Essential Fats are good for you' ; and more.

  • Weighing In
    Questions regarding various products of Universal.


  • Tom's Supplement Review
    Including Thermo Spped, Cutting Gel, ATP Serum, and his opinions.

  • Natural Anabolics
    A legitimate alternative to prohormones? Including Ecdysterone, Methoxyisoflavone, and Ipriflavone.

Diet & Nutrition

  • The Dreaded 'D' Word
    Helpful hints to dieting everyday.

  • The Carb Dilemma & Fat Loss
    How well do we understand the thing we call the 'carb'.


  • Talking with Tina
    Tina Fleres goes to her first bodybuilding show. I highly recommend expanding your horizons and keeping an open mind.

  • Tricks Of The Trade
    The ten golden rules of supplement buying.

  • Mouthing Off
    Are magazines real or are they just magalogs. Stop blending advertising with real articles.s

  • Editor's Letter
    You will find plenty of training articles and features to get you started. And more, by Phil Kim, editor.