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Spring 2003

Universal Matters Magazine is a quarterly magazine published by Universal Nutrition, which promotes their line of products. It is an informative magazine with articles, pictures and features. On the cover is Monica Brant.

Spring 2003 - Table of Contents
Issue #24


  • Fine Tuning Your Routine
    After your major body parts, fine tune your individual body parts.

  • Harden Your Body Stadium Style, Part 3
    Remember, the more you do, the better your bottom half will look, particularly your butt, hips and thighs.

  • Bench Like An Animal, Part 2
    Strength training is one of the toughest sports to handle. Developing a training schedule is not difficult if you know a few basic rules.

  • Chest Basics
    The New Pec-ing oorder. When you boil things down, all chest exercises can be grouped into either presses or flyes.

  • The Real 20 Minute Workout
    You can tailor interval training to your specific sport or you can use intervals to improve your overall fitness levels.


  • Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure
    What's the difference? It's up to the judges to decide just how big a woman should be before she is considered masculine.

  • Missundaztood
    What it means to be a female bodybuilder. Why continue in a sport that is so unrewarding professionally and financially? The self confidence and empowerment of feeling strong is immeasurable.

  • My Long Weekend In Brazil


  • Tom's Supplement Review
    Various products reviewed, including NO2 which he claims is crap; Juven, an anti catabolic supplement, and BCAA Stack.

  • Win With Universal
    How the products helped me to achieve my goal to lose weight and get myself in shape.

Diet & Nutrition

  • The Carb Dilemma & Fat Loss, Part 2
    Just remember you get out exactly what you put in, so grit your teeth and suffer through it and you will get profound changes.

  • The Rational Diet
    The diet called for 33.3% protein; 33.3% fat, and 33.3% carbohydrates.


  • Talking with Tina
    Tina Fleres goes to her first bodybuilding show. I highly recommend expanding your horizons and keeping an open mind.

  • Tricks Of The Trade
    The ten golden rules of supplement buying.

  • Mouthing Off
    Are magazines real or are they just magalogs. Stop blending advertising with real articles.s

  • Editor's Letter
    You will find plenty of training articles and features to get you started. And more, by Phil Kim, editor.

In Every Issue

  • Weighing In
    Questions and answers including questions on glutamine powder, fat burners without ma haung, and more.

  • Talking with Tina: Low Carb Bar Comparison
    The bar market has expanded dramatically in the past couple of years. So how can you, the smart consumer, be prepared. After all, if it's a low carb bar, one question you might ask if why are these so many carbs?

  • Q&A with Monica Brant
    Including is it best to lift weights on an empty stomach; should I do arms in conjunction with back or another bodypart; what keeps you motivated and happy; and more.

  • Real World Profile
    Lindsay Licwinko profiled.

  • Editor's Letter
    Change. If you have it, save it. If you fear it, get over yourself. By Tina Fleres, Editor.