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September 2000

The reason most women do not acheive the body they want is because there is almost no credible research on how to do it. The human body, in particular the female body, is not a known commodity. Change is intrinsic to a woman - let your mind change as well, as new information becomes available. Women's Fitness International will bring you that information. On the cover is Gabrielle Reese.

September 2000 - Table of Contents

Cover Story

  • Super Model Swimsuits
    Have you ever wondered how models look perfect every time they put on a string bikini.

Fitness & Exercise

  • T-Tapp Short Torso Workout
    Spot reduction for a trim torso and long, lean arms.

  • Ultimate Arms
    Seven practical suggestions on how to work the arms.

  • Short Circuit Training
    Circuit training is back, and may be just the thing you need to help you achieve your fitness goals.

  • Motivation
    Where does it come from?

Health & Nutrition

  • Shared Secrets
    Fitness, nutrition, and beauty tips.

  • What can Liposuction do for you?
    A surgical body contouring procedure that removes fat from under the skin.

  • Stevia Report 2000
    Issues regarding safety, toxicity, legalities, and politics.

  • Low Glycemic Summer Recipes
    Great recipes for hot summer days.

  • Nutritional Energizing Drinks
    Healthy blender drinks do more than quench your thirst.


  • Age, Beauty, Grace, and Wrinkles
    Wonder what's in store for you?

  • Bellview Baltimore Resort
    T-Tapp Retreat: Held on March 9-12, 2000.

  • De-Mystifying Menopause
    Everything you wanted to know.

  • The Final Word
    Breathing new life into Women's Fitness International.