Women's Physique World

September 2000

What do skinny arms and big breasts have to do with bodybuilding? A lot, if you check out the other so-called bodybuilding magazines who claim to inform us of bodybuilding, but picture scantily clad fitness women on the covers. This magazine is about the female bodybuilder, for those who are interested in the female bodybuilder, who have a strong, muscular physique. Women's Physique World is a magazine dedicated to women's bodybuilding. It is considered the best in its class for hardcore women's physiques. It covers contests, women who compete professionally and amateur, and has the best pictures. For people who enjoy women bodybuilding, this is definitely the magazine for it.

September 2000 - Table of Contents
Issue 71


  • 2000 NPC Emerald Cup
    Sheila Bleck win the Emerald Cup!

  • Sheila Bleck Profile
    For the Love of Muscle!

  • 2000 NPC Junior USA
    Winston looks good like a bodybuilder should! North Carolina Lisa Winston is a unanimous choice at the Jr. USA as entries surge from 1999 totals.

  • Sherman Dillard Profile
    Flying High!

  • 2000 Ms. International
    Gates Repeat! With the coming of this year's Ms International, all the precontest chatter centered around 'the restructuring'. What did it all mean? Would the judging really be different?

  • Strike A Pose
    Scores of female bodybuilding have used their unique abilities to create posing routines ripe with speicfic poses that are singularly their own.

  • Debbie Kruck Profile
    Points to the Future

  • Muscle at the Museum
    Picturing the Modern Amazon. Female Muscle highlighted at the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

  • Lindsay Mulinazzi Profile
    Strength in Fitness

  • Cynthia Bridges Profile
    1999 IFBB North American Fitness Champion


  • On The Cover
    Legendary Fitness Superstar Debbie Kruck, 2000 Emerald Cup Champion Sheila Bleck, and 1999 North American Fitness Champion Cynthia Bridges.

  • Editorial
    Women's Bodybuilding: Their numbers are up!

  • Female Muscle Fax
    Info on terrific women!

  • Barry's Beauties
    Including Carolyn Evans, Kristie Alvarado...

  • Murch's Muzcle Girlz
    Featuring Sandra Augustin, Cindy Closson, Kristine Yu, Angela Irizarry, Janet Smith, Angie Salvagno, and more.

  • WPW Letters
    Letters from the readers...