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Summer 2000

X-Ercise Files Magazine's tag line is 'Real training and nutrition information you can trust!'. This premier issue concentrates on those two subjects, and other interesting tidbits. This month's cover features Sherry Goggin-Giardina and Stan McQuay.

Summer 2000
Table of Contents
Volume 1, Issue 2


  • In Conversation with Casey Viator
    In conversation with Casy Viator

  • Daily Proteins
    The role and effects of casein protein in the bodybuilder's diet!

  • Space Age Supplements
    The newest kids on the block, Methoxyflavone and Growth Factor X can skyrocket your rains!

  • Fitness Software Revolution
    Discover how computer software can accelerate your training progress and which to select.

  • HIT vs. Volume
    Brian D. Johnston explores the effects of HIT and volume training and which is best.

  • Requirements for Essential Exercise
    Is your program all that it's cracked up to be? Learn what necessary exercises can accelerate progress for you.

  • An Oil Manage a Trois!
    Discover why it is vital to have MCT, Lecithin and Borage in your meal supplement drink.

  • High Intensity Athletic Training
    Could athletes be training wrong? Richard Winnett thinks so. Discover why.


  • Editorial
    With Brian D. Johnston

  • Ask the Experts
    Weight gainers, high carbs, HIT and sore shoulders.

  • Round Table
    Warm up Application

  • The Arthur Jones Files
    The AE Factor: Responses to Exercise

  • Sport Nutrition
    Protein Cycling

  • Success Story
    with Judith Kirkness

  • Technical Excellence
    Chest Press and Preacher Curl

  • Sport Medicine
    Soreness to Pain

  • Psychology
    The Joy of Training

  • Coach's Corner
    Coaching Feedback

  • Direct HIT
    Beginner Training

  • Burden of Proof
    Is more really better

  • The Body Gourmet
    Sauteed Petrale Sole with Chef Jim Shiebler