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Winter 2001

X-Ercise Files Magazine's tag line is 'Real training and nutrition information you can trust!'. This premier issue concentrates on those two subjects, and other interesting tidbits. This month's cover features AJ DiCaprio.

Winter 2001
Table of Contents


  • Role Models
    One reason why consumers purchase physical culture magazines is for inspiration.


  • Personal Trainer Q&A
    Training for Size; Changing Routines; Isolating Muscle Heads; Physique Transformation

  • Supplement Q&A
    Fat Burning with Forskolin; Yohimbe or Yohimbine?

  • Heart 2 Heart
    A new Q&A column written by John and Heather Hart.

Perfect Body In 30 Minutes

  • Chaos Training
    Stagnating? Chances are you have over-adapted to your training program. Not to fret. Now is your chance to set a New Year's resolution and reignite muscular growth and still maintain a logically structured program with orderly disorder.

  • Technical Excellence

  • Strength Training Collegiate Athletes
    Perspective on the strength and conditioning profession; and the muscular strength and athletic performance relationship; The Volume Issue; and the Potential flaws of high volume strength training.

  • H.I.T. Training

  • Importance of a Training Log
    Don't train in the Dark; What should I record on a weekly basis.

Fitness Model of the Month

  • Maria Lankina
    Interview with Russia's #1 Fitness Super Model.

Supplement Facts

  • Herbs for Water Bloat

  • Maximizing Muscle with Methoxyflavone
    Thanks to a recent discovery, actually a rediscovery, this 'hope' comes in the form of Methoxy.

  • Dairy Proteins
    Fractions with Functions...

  • Escape Training Hell with Ribose
    Many clinical trials suggest that taking Ribose makes the process of ATP manfacturing increase by several hundrend percent.

  • Glutamine with Training
    Is what you will be if you are not getting enough Glutamine.


  • Physique Transformation
    By now you have all seen them. The before picture: sloppy, out of shape people looking meserable while posing in a swimming suit. The after picture: tanned, traim and smiling lookalikes (minus the fat)

  • Success Story
    With Heather and Trevor Beairsto.