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Shawn Ray resigns as IFBB Athlete's Rep
January 2nd, 2005

  • Shawn Ray has officially resigned as the IFBB Athlete Representative, citing various reasons which finally made him announce his decision. Before Shawn became the Athlete's Rep, there was no rep giving the athletes a voice in the IFBB meetings. Shawn tried to make it happen by getting a majority vote from the athletes, which was an enourmous task to get considering half of the athletes are outside the United States, but he did it. Here is Shawn's official letter

  • It's official! As of today, I have decided to step down as IFBB Athlete Representative. The position needs Legal Representation to be effective, a "Lawyer!" Hopefully, someone or an institution will be willing to step forward and help the Athletes level the playing field economically & physically to save our sport and our Athletes.

    Dear IFBB Pro Men,

    First I want to say, "Happy New Year" to each and everyone of you and may all your dreams and goals come true in the coming year!

    As you all know, I had to get 98 Signatures (Majority Vote) of the Registered Athletes in 2003 to become the Athlete Representative for 2004 to 2006. That being said, there are 3 Official Meetings per/ yr. where the Issues, Concerns, Problems and Changes can be dealt with. I have personally spoken with those of you who had serious problems and concerns, as they related directly or indirectly with matters of:

    Prize Money, Judges, Pay Per View, Promoters Failure to Pay, Contest Entry Deadlines, Score Sheets and other issues that needed the attention of the the federation or issues that needed a response by the federation.

    Well, some Athletes responded with feedback for me to place on the table with the federation, while others didn't respond to any issues or complaints that related to them.

    This year, most of you were expecting a response from me following the Mr. Olympia regarding the final "Issues & Concerns" that were to be placed before the other Officials and the federation Vice President. I forwarded the detailed items to Jim Manion, the IFBB Vice President 8 weeks prior to the Olympia Weekend and we were to go over them at the Mr. Olympia Meeting prior to the contest with other Representives and Officials. I received an Email from an IFBB Official Representative that had the "Formal Representative Meeting" starting at 9pm Wendsday evening after the Athletes Meeting.

    However, when I showed up for the Men's Meeting starting at 7:30pm, I was told the Official & Representative Meeting began at 4:30pm and was over.

    I was also told I should have received and Email stating the "Change of Time" on my computer. Sadly, I never did receive an email and or a phone call stating the change? I was told I would receive the "Minutes" regarding the meeting, however I have yet to hear or see anything that happend or was addressed regarding the issues you guys wanted me to address?

    It is for this reason, I feel the position of "Athlete Representative" for me does not carry equal balance for you the Athletes in regard to the federation and promoters.

    Therefore, I removing myself from the position of "Athlete Representative" effective immediately. I feel I am not able to effectively have the issues that need immediate attention addressed by the federation to aide and assist you in your professional careers.

    I wish you all continued success and best wishes!


    Shawn Ray