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Titus & Ryan Case
Grand Jury Transcripts
Megan Pierson Foley

April 1, 2006

    One of the key witnesses in the Titus & Ryan case, perhaps the #1 witness into what allegedly are some of the statements that were made were from Megan Pierson Foley, best friends with Kelly Ryan since March 2005. Here is the Las Vegas Grand Jury transcript with Megan, and her amazing statements as the saga of the Titus & Ryan case continues.

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    Megan Pierson Foley

    Q: Megan, how old are you?

    A: I am 25.

    Q: And I actually called you Megan Foley. Is it still Megan Pierson?

    A: Yeah, I haven't changed my name yet. Still in the process.

    Q: I understand that. Have you recently gotten married?

    A: Yes

    Q: What's is your husband's name?

    A: Jeremy Foley

    Q: Do you live here in Las Vegas?

    A: Yes, I do.

    Q: And do you know someone by the name of Kelly Ryan?

    A: Yes, I do.

    Q: How do you know Kelly?

    A: I met her at Baja Fresh in September. She was my best friend.

    Q: September of what year did you meet Kelly?

    A: 2004

    Q: You said you met her in a Baja Fresh. What were the circumstances of how you met Kelly?

    A: I work across the street, walked in there, and saw her standing up there, and I idolized her for quite a few years so when I saw her, I struck up a conversation.

    Q: You say you idolized her, Can you explain that?

    A: I do figure competitions and she is a fitness competitor so I just, from that.

    Q: Okay. You had followed her career for a number of years.

    A: Correct, for about six years.

    Q: So you started up a conversation with her. Did you meet her husband Craig Titus?

    A: Yes, I did.

    Q: Was he there as well?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Explain how your relationship progressed from that day.

    A: Previously, about four months before that. I had broken my back, and she had talked to me about ways to help heal and that she would start training me as soon as I was able to get back on my feet.

    Q: Were you already involved in fitness competitions at that time?

    A: Before that, yes?

    Q: Did you in fact start working out or training with Kelly Ryan?

    A: Yes, I did.

    Q: And about what time did you start doing that?

    A: It was after Christmas, sometime around January of 2005.

    Q: How often would you work out with Kelly?

    A: Minimum of three times a week.

    Q: Did you also go to fitness competitions with her?

    A: I went to one of them with her, or two of them, yes.

    Q: Where would you work out?

    A: At her house.

    Q: Is it fair to say you were at her house at least three times a week?

    A: Absolutely.

    Q: Did there come a time in your friendship when you spoke on a daily basis?

    A: Yes.

    Q: How far into the friendship would you say?

    A: It took us less than four weeks once I started training with her.

    Q: And by December of 2005, how good of friends were you?

    A: Best friend. She was supposed to be my maid of honor.

    Q: When were you married?

    A: February 12th.

    Q: Of this year.

    A: This uear.

    Q: In light of that, how do you feel about being here today?

    A: Very upsetting. It's very depressing. Just not, I didn't think - I thought I knew her better than this.

    Q: Okay. And when all of this that we're talking about came down, did you give some statements to the police?

    A: Yes, I did.

    Q: When was the first time approxiamately that you gave a statement to the police about events that occurred on December 13th and 14th?

    A: I believe it was at least a week later, maybe even two weeks later.

    Q: How many statements did you give?

    A: I've given two?

    Q: And is it fair to say that there was some things that you said in your second statement or that you remember today that are not included in the very first statement that you gave to the police?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Can you explain why?

    A: At first I was protecting Kelly.

    Q: Why was that?

    A: I believed that the things that I was told about Melissa were true, and with the light of things I found out that they're not, so I was just being naive and tried to protect her in a way that I didn't think that what I was holding back really mattered.

    Q: Okay. Now I want to take you to Monday, December 12th of 2005. Did you speak to Kelly on that day?

    A: I'm sorry, which day?

    Q: Monday, December 12th.

    A: Yes, I did.

    Q: What was your contact with Kelly on that day?

    A: Just to come over and to train that evening.

    Q: What time?

    A: Five o'clock

    Q: Did Kelly say anything to you at that time about Melissa and any sort of identity theft or theft that she suspected?

    A: Not at that time, no.

    Q: Did you see Melissa at that time?

    A: I saw Melissa at the house where I trained, correct.

    Q: And prior to December 12th, how many times had you met Melissa?

    A: I probably had seen her at least ten times if now more, through training I would see her, but that was about it, couple of times outside of there.

    Q: Prior to Tuesday, December 13th, had Kelly ever said anything to you about having any potential problems with Melissa stealing from her?

    A: No.

    Q: Moving to Tuesday, December 13th, did you have any contact with Kelly that day?

    A: I don't believe so. I tried contacting her. No, I take that back. Yes, I did.

    Q: When was the first time?

    A: Around I want to say ten o' clock in the morning, somewhere around there.

    Q: What was the nature of that contact?

    A: Craig had contacted me earlier than that and was just going into further detail about what they had found in Melissa's room.

    Q: And tell me about that. What time did Craig call you on December 13th?

    A: Around nine a.m.

    Q: Was that unusual to you?

    A: Absolutely

    Q: Although you were best friends with Kelly, how much contact did you have with Craig?

    A: Contact at the house when we were in person, but via phone or something like that, not very often at all, once a month if that.

    Q: Did you find it unusual that Craig called you directly?

    A: Yes

    Q: And I am sorry, what time did you say that was when he called you?

    A: Around nine a.m.

    Q: And did you recognize his voice?

    A: Yes

    Q: What phone did he call?

    A: He called my cell phone

    Q: And what did Craig tell you at that time?

    A: That they had gone into Melissa's room and found, opened up a lock box that had credit cards, copies of credit cards, a HELOC statement - Home Equity Line of Credit, and copies of IDs.

    Q: What was his demeanor like when he was telling you this?

    A: Very, very pissed. Very angry.

    Q: What else did he say?

    A: There is three things that you don't mess with, that's friends, family and his money.

    Q: And we're talking about a conversation that came from Craig. Was this a message he left for you or did you actually have a conversation with him?

    A: I believe that was the time that he did leave me a message and later on in the morning that was the conversation that him and I had.

    Q: So at nine o' clock he leaves you a message?

    A: Uh-huh.

    Q: You call him back?

    A: Uh-huh, around eleven-ish I believe.

    Q: And that's when you have this conversation?

    A: Uh-huh

    Q: You need to say yes for her because she's taking everything down and she can't get uh-huh's and huh'uh's.

    A: Okay.

    Q: But I'll remind you if you forget. So then you said Kelly also followed up with you about this, what they found in her lock box. Is that fair to say?

    A: Correct.

    Q: And what time did you have a conversation with Kelly?

    A: Around ten-ish.

    Q: Was this the first time you had heard from them about potential problems with Melissa?

    A: Yes

    Q: After you have this conversation with Craig and Kelly, when's the next time you attempt to contact Kelly?

    A: After I had my final at U.N.L.V., which is around I want to say two o'clock. And she did no answer.

    Q: Why were you calling her?

    A: I wanted to see if they wanted to get together for dinner to celebrate me graduating from U.N.L.V.

    Q: Did you plan on working out with Kelly that day?

    A: Yes, that also was a reason I was calling.

    Q: Was it sort of your intention that you were going to work out that day?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Did you always work out at five o'clock?

    A: Yes

    Q: Did you get any response back from Kelly prior to five o'clock?

    A: No.

    Q: What that unusual to you?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Did you then assume that yo're not going to work out that day?

    A: Yes.

    Q: What did you do instead?

    A: I proceeded to make dinner reservations at Green Valley Ranch with my husband.

    Q: Did you talk to Kelly later that night?

    A: Yes

    Q: When was the next time that you heard from Craig or Kelly?

    A: While we were at dinner, so 6:30, somewhere there, 6:30, seven o'clock

    Q: Which one called you?

    A: I believe it was Craig that actually made the phone call. It was from their home phone.

    Q: What was the nature of that conversation?

    A: He was just discussing more stuff about Melissa, saying that he had bought her a plane ticket and was sending her to Florida, but then would contradict and say he dropped her off at the corner store, that they didn't feel sorry for her and they were kicking her out for stealing their stuff.

    Q: Was there conversations about whether you and Jeremy would go over to their house and get together that night?

    A: At that conversation I don't believe so, no?

    Q: Did those conversations come later?

    A: Yes

    Q: About what time did that happen?

    A: Maybe fifteen, twenty minutes later. I got about three calls while we were at dinner.

    Q: Who called you next?

    A: I believe it was Kelly

    Q: What was the nature of that conversation?

    A: She was just extremely pissed off. We were trying to somewhat compare stories of what Melissa had told me and what, just regarding that I better find a replacement for my maid of honor because she wouldn't be around, and her interpreting that Kelly was going to be dead versus it was regarding, I think her intentions were elsewhere's Melissa's.

    Q: You don't think that's what Melissa meant?

    A: No

    Q: Did you and Kelly have a discussion about what Melissa meant by that?

    A: Yes

    Q: And did Kelly indicate that they were threatened in any other way by Melissa or though they were...

    A: No

    Q: During that conversation, did you discuss whether or not Jeremy and you would go over to their house?

    A: Yes. I believe that she handed the phone over to Craig and he elaborated more on what Kelly had said about Melissa, and he, I could hear him speak to her, you know, is it okay if Megan and Jeremy come over, and he came back and was like Kelly's not feeling well, how about you guys come over tomorrow. And than we hung up.

    Q: Did you hang up from that conversation?

    A: Yes

    Q: Did you get another phone call from them while you were at dinner?

    A: Yes

    Q: Who called you this time?

    A: It was Kelly.

    Q: And what was the nature of that conversation?

    A: More stuff, just reminiscing about stuff that Melissa had said in the past, that if Craig doesn't kill you - you're better off dead anyway type of stuff that she was worried about, and so we decided at that point, she's like come over after you guys get done with dinner.

    Q: Did you and Jeremy then go over after dinner?

    A: Yes, we did.

    Q: About what time was that?

    A: We got there around 10:30, eleven o'clock.

    Q: Did you stop anywhere between Green Valley Ranch and their house?

    A: We went to my house, changed clothes and got my puppy and then we went over to Craig and Kelly's.

    Q: Okay. And what was your impression at this point as to why you were going over there?

    A: To celebrate for me graduating and just to sit there and figure out what had gone on between, you know, compare stories.

    Q: How at this particular time when you go over there, are you under the influence of any sort of drugs aor alcohol?

    A: No drugs. Jeremy and I had shared a bottle of wine at dinner but I wouldn't, we were driving so not, not drunk or anything like that, no.

    Q: What did you find when you get over to their house?

    A: Craig - you can tell - was a little disturbed. Kelly was upstairs. And he showed us, you know, this bag with crystal meth in it supposedly, I don't know what it looks like so, and some bloody needles and ...

    Q: Did he say who that bag belonged to?

    A: He said it belonged to Melissa.

    Q: So is it fair to say that as soon as you get there Craig is still talking about what Melissa did or didn't do?

    A: Uh-huh

    Q: Is that a yes?

    A: Yes. Sorry.

    Q: It's all right. Where was Kelly when you first got to the house?

    A: Upstairs in the bathroom.

    Q: Where did you go when you first got to the house?

    A: We went upstairs and went into the office first which in their house is right next to the master bedroom and then I walked around to the master bedroom into Kelly's.

    Q: Where did Jeremy go?

    A: He stayed in the office with Craig.

    Q: What is Kelly doing in the bathroom?

    A: Drying her hair, putting on lotion, putting make-up like she had just gotten out of the shower.

    Q: What happens next?

    A: We talk a little bit here and there about class, working out, Kelly mentions a few things about Melissa and what she had done, and I walked back and forth between the office and the bathroom a couple of times.

    Q: Does there come a time that Kelly starts to talk to you about what happened potentially to Melissa?

    A: Yes

    Q: What is Kelly's demeanor like when she starts to tell you this?

    A: She keeps her voice very quiet, obviously didn't want Craig to hear anything that she was saying.

    Q: That was your impression at least?

    A: Yes, that was my impression because every time he walked in she would stop talking.

    Q: So what does she tell you in kind of a hushed voice about Melissa?

    A: She said that they had gotten her a hotel room the night before so Craig went over to the hotel to confront Melissa about what he had found, and then it ended up getting back over to the house and she was sitting upstairs...

    Q: She meaning?

    A: Kelly was sitting upstairs and they, Melissa and Craig came in, and Kelly or Melissa, I'm not sure which one, supposedly had a Taser gun, and at some point it got into Kelly's hands and she turned around and tried to use it on her.

    Q: And you said you're not sure which one had the Taser?

    A: First -- Kelly told me that Melissa had it first and she took it from her.

    Q: Okay. What else did Kelly tell you?

    A: She turned on the Taser to use it and that it I guess stunned her in the back of her neck, but she didn't have it up high enough so it kind of just go her attention.

    Q: Her meaning Melissa?

    A: Meaning Melissa's attention. And Kelly tied to do it again and she, I guess she didn't have the voltage up high enough so she yelled for Craig and Craig came upstairs, picked Melissa up, brought her downstairs into the living room and supposedly body slammed her and started beating her up.

    Q: Now is Kelly able to tell this all to you in one big statement or is it interrupted?

    A: It was interrupted?

    Q: Why is that?

    A: Every time Craig came into the room she would stop talking about it.

    Q: Are you in the master bathroom?

    A: Correct. And walking into the bedroom too. She was folding clothes and just doing odd things.

    Q: What would Kelly start to talk about once Craig entered the room?

    A: What Craig did to her. Or what Craig did to Melissa. I didn't hear.

    Q: Okay. If Craig walked into the room you said Kelly would stop talking. Did Kelly talk about anything if Craig was in the room?

    A: She just started talking about work or workout or training, she wouldn't talk anything about what had happened to Melissa.

    Q: When Craig left the room would she start talking about what happened to Melissa?

    A: Immediately.

    Q: Did Kelly move you anywhere in the room at one point?

    A: When Craig and Jeremy were in the room we walked into the walk-in closet with doors, we walked in tehre and she shut the doors and kept whispering.

    Q: Are you asking her any questions at this point?

    A: A little bit here and there, but it was just when Craig would walk in she would stop talking about it, and I was like what, what, what happened now, or how did it happen. That's really about it. I was in shock so.

    Q: Did she indicate to you why she tased Melissa in the first place?

    A: No

    Q: So at this point she's told you that she called Craig upstairs, Craig took Melissa downstairs and body slammed her in the living room?

    A: Correct.

    Q: And you said started to beat her up

    A: Uh-huh. Yes.

    Q: Are those the words that Kelly used?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Did she tell you anything else that happened to Melissa?

    A: She said that she at some point had taken a Xanax to go to sleep and that while she was sleeping Kelly went into her room and punched her in the face.

    Q: You are talking about she...

    A: Melissa.

    Q: Melissa took a Xanax.

    A: Yes.

    Q: You your understanding of the conversation was this after she was beat up or body slammed by Craig?

    A: That's the way I was led to believe, yes.

    Q: Did that make sense to you at the time?

    A: No.

    Q: Did you ask any follow up questions about that?

    A: Not really because it started to, everything started to seem very fishy to me so no.

    Q: And then Kelly tells you that she walks into where Melissa is sleeing and hits here?

    A: Uh-huh.

    Q: Is that a yes?

    A: Yes

    Q: What else does Kelly tell you about what happened to Melissa?

    A: She said that she punched her a couple of times, she showed me marks on her knuckles from it, and she said that while, and I don't know whether this fought occurred, but Craig was holding her down and told Kelly to go get the morphine and she shot a while need of morphine into her leg and she said she was very resilient because it didn't do anything to her.

    Q: Did she indicate to you where or not Melissa was fighting at this point?

    A: No, but you would believe, you would think so.

    Q: Kelly didn't say one way or the other?

    A: If Craig is holding her down I would assume that she was obviously not doing it willingly.

    Q: At any time during this evening does Craig indicate to you anything about a fight with Melissa, a physical fight with Melissa?

    A: He said also that he had beat her up.

    Q: When did that happen?

    A: When I was walking back and forth between the master bedroom and the office, I could tell that obviously Craig was informing Jeremy of obviously something that was going on or that had gone on, and he had told us that, or he had told me that, you know, he had beat her up downstairs.

    Q: And so the whole time that you and Kelly are in the mater bedroom area, Craig is walking back and forth, where is Jeremy?

    A: In the office. I don't think he thought Kelly was clothed because she came out of the shower so he stayed out of the master bedroom.

    Q: At some point do you ask Kelly where Melissa is?

    A: Yes.

    Q: What does Kelly say?

    A: She's downstairs, and she whispers it.

    Q: And let the record reflect that you're kind of pointing down with your finger.

    A: Pointing down because we were right above the garage.

    Q: Is that the motion that Kelly did?

    A: Yes

    Q: The same motion that you did?

    A: Yes, she goes "she's downstairs."

    Q: And what was your thought at this point as to where Melissa was?

    A: I thought she was downstairs sleeping in her room.

    Q: Eventually do you and Kelly leave the master bedroom area?

    A: Yes

    Q: Where do you go?

    A: We walked downstairs into the kitchen because she wanted to show me her kitchen glasses that she believed Melissa had put morphine in.

    Q: Is this the first time you had heard about any suspicions that Melissa was putting morphine in the glasses?

    A: Yes.

    Q: What did Kelly tell you about that?

    A: She just said that she had gotten water out of the water facet and that it tasted, she thought it tasted different, and there was like a film on the glases just like there would be from hard water in Las Vegas.

    Q: Was Craig present for that conversation?

    A: Yes

    Q: Did Craig say anything about Melissa putting morphine in his glasses?

    A: No

    Q: What did you do as a result of the fact Kelly was thinking there was something in her glasses?

    A: She said that she also found a Kinetico brochure in Melissa's room so she though she was doing something, tampering with the water, so went went out to the garage to look at the water softener and Jeremy looked at the salt.

    Q: What did Jeremy do?

    A: He picked the lid off the bin with the salt and set it on top of the Jaguar.

    Q: Did all four of you go out in the garage to look at the water softener?

    A: No, just Jeremy, myself and Kelly.

    Q: What was Kelly's demeanor like when she was in the garage at that time?

    A: Freaked out

    Q: What do you mean by that?

    A: Very uneasy. When Jeremy set the lid down on her car she about jumped out of her skin and that again that another hint where him and I started to put things together that something was not right.

    Q: And you said her car. What kind of car was that.

    A: It's a red Jaguar.

    Q: Was that in the garage.

    A: Yes.

    Q: Was the garage door open or shut?

    A: Both of them were shut.

    Q: Was the Jaguar backed into the garage or pulled in front ways?

    A: Pulled in forward.

    Q: Did you see the front, could you see through the windshield into the front seat of the car?

    A: Yes

    Q: Did you see anybody in the car?

    A: No

    Q: Do you go then back in the house after the garage?

    A: Yes

    Q: What do you guys do next?

    A: Just keep talking, just small talk to be honest, nothing really. I think we were going to go upstairs to watch a movie.

    Q: How do you feel about staying in their house at that point?

    A: I was very freaked out. I was very scared. You could just tell by the energy that something was not right, that something had gone on in there.

    Q: Are there any other conversation about Melissa that evening?

    A: Yes. Later on in the master bedroom Craig showed on Kelly how you can strangle somebody, and I kind of played dumb to see what he was talking about and I was like what are you talking about, let me see, and he did it on me and you instantly stop breathing. It scared me th way that, he motioned the way that he showed it on me.

    Q: You said later that he did this?

    A: Uh-huh

    Q: Is that a yes?

    A: Yes

    Q: This is after you were in the garage looking at teh water softener?

    A: Uh-huh. Correct.

    Q: You said you were going to watch a movie. How do you get back upstairs to the master bedroom>

    A: I think they just walked up there. I cant remember exactly.

    Q: What starts the conversation about choking someone?

    A: Craig jut walked in and started talking about it and that's how, he started talking more about how he said that he killed Melissa.

    Q: Who all was in the master bedroom at that time?

    A: Myself, Kelly, Craig and I believe Jeremy was, if not he ran to the bathroom or something, I can't remember, I believe he was there.

    Q: Did Craig talk about doing this choking to Melissa?

    A: Yes

    Q: And then you also said that he said he killed Melissa?

    A: Yes

    Q: What did he say specifically that you can remember?

    A: He said that, he said -- well, he said that he was joking around, but that is how he had killed Melissa, by strangling here.

    Q: Did you take him seriously at that time.

    A: No.

    Q: Why is that?

    A: His demeanor, at times he's very, very hard to read, you never know if he's serious or joking, and I mean he was laughing so I really did not believe her was serious.

    Q: You said he demonstrated a choke on you. What did he do exactly?

    A: He came behind me, put is arm like this and squeeze his bicep and it cuts off your airway.

    Q: And let the record reflect that you're kind of moving your arm up into a flex.

    A: He flexed the bicep and just put his arm here.

    Q: So your neck is in the crook of his elbow.

    A: Yes. Your neck is here, he squeezes the bicep and it cuts it off right there.

    Q: Is Craig also into fitness competition?

    A: Yes, he's a bodybuilder.

    Q: Is it fair to say that his biceps are fairly large?

    A: Gigantic.

    Q: So at this point he says he did this to Melissa, you still don't think he's serious.

    A: No

    Q: Did he make any other comments that made you maybe change your impression about that?

    A: Later on he said we're really going to miss her, I wish that it didn't have to go down like this, just comments that lead you to believe that when he's saying we're going to miss here, that she's no longer here, not that she was shipped away on a weekend to go to Florida.

    Q: Did Craig leave the house at all that night while you were there?

    A: Yes

    Q: About what time did he leave?

    A: Around, it was maybe fifteen, twenty minutes after we got there. Eleven, 11:15, something like that.

    Q: Did he say where he was going?

    A: No, he did not.

    Q: How long was he gone?

    A: Ten minutes at the most, fifteen minutes.

    Q: Do you know what car he took?

    A: He took his truck.

    Q: Did he say where he was going at all?

    A: No, he did not.

    Q: Did you ask him where he had been once he came back?

    A: No. No. Actually I did. I asked him what he was doing and he said not to worry about it, no big deal.

    Q: Was there any discussion between Craig or Kelly with you about what they were going to do with Melissa's body.

    A: Yes

    Q: Who talked about that, Kelly or Craig?

    A: Craig.

    Q: At what point in the evening did he talk about this?

    A: Right pretty close to before we left.

    Q: Okay. Is this after the choke hold demonstration?

    A: Yes

    Q: And about what time did you leave?

    A: We left about two, 2:30

    Q: Where were you when he talked about what he was planning for Melissa?

    A: I believe we were upstairs in the office.

    Q: Did you ever watch the movie that you ---

    A: No. We wouldn't have anyway.

    Q: So you just kind of talked the whole night

    A: Uh-huh

    Q: Is that a yes?

    A: Yes

    Q: What did he tell you about what his plans were for Melissa?

    A: That he was going to drive the Jaguar up to Red Rock, scatter clothes around the care and set it on fire and make it look like a rape.

    Q: Did he discuss when that was going to happen?

    A: Four o'clock.

    Q: Did he say anything about other times that he was, other times that something was going to happen?

    A: He stated that at five o'clock something was going to happen, eleven p.m. and four a.m.

    Q: Did you take him seriously at the point?

    A: No.

    Q: Did Anthony, did he mention Anthony Gross or Tony Gross at the time?

    A: He said that he lent him a thousand dollars and if he was going to have anybody help him dispose of the car that he was going to call him.

    Q: Do you know Tony Gross.

    A: Yes, I do, Through Kelly and Craig.

    Q: Between the time that Craig is demonstrating the choke hold and the time that you leave the house, did you ever go back into the garage?

    A: I believe so, yes.

    Q: What was the purpose of going back into the garage?

    A: Kelly said that the posing lights were on and she did not know why so she was going out there to try and turn them off.

    Q: What are the posing lights?

    A: You stand in front of them for body building and fitness to pose, practice posing. They're different lights than regular lights.

    Q: When you went out there to look at the water softener, were the posing lights on?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Did she say anything about it at the time

    A: No.

    Q: Did you go out to the garage with her to look at the posing lights?

    A: Yes, I did.

    Q: Did you think it was unusual at all that they were on?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Why is that?

    A: They're never on. They are only on if you're posing.

    Q: Did you shut the lights off in the garage.

    A: No

    Q: Did Kelly shut the lights off in teh garage?

    A: No

    Q: Did Craig go out to the garage?

    A: I don't believe. If he did this was after. So, no, he wouldn't have gone out into the garage after that.

    Q: So what did you and Kelly do after you and Kelly went out to look at the posing lights?

    A: She acted stupid, walked around and said I don't know why these posing lights are on, and she acted like they were on the other side of Craig's truck and there is no moving room on the front or the back and she wasn't going to jump over those to turn off the lights.

    Q: Is that where the switch is to turn off the posing lights?

    A: That's what she said but I believe they're to the left.

    Q: To your knowledge, do you remember if she could have shut them off?

    A: Yes

    Q: Do you eventually go back in the house?

    A: Yes

    Q: Did you ever enter the garage again?

    A: No

    Q: At some point when you go to leave does Craig ask you to take anyting with you?

    A: He hadn't asked me at that time, no. He had asked Jeremy supposedly.

    Q: Okay. And when did you come to learn that Craig wanted you or Jeremy or both of you to take something from the house.

    A: As we were literally walking out the door.

    Q: What happened?

    A: We said our goodbyes, and there was a gym bag right next to my purse, I grabbed my purse, walked out and Craig said "Hey wait, you forgot this," and I said "Waht is this," and he said "Oh, don't worry about it, I talked to Jeremy about it, and he said it was okay to have it at your house for a couple of weeks."

    Q: Did you know what was in the gym bag?

    A: No.

    Q: Did you take the gym bag with you?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Did he say, did Craig or Kelly say why they wanted you to take the bag?

    A: He said he knew the police were going to be coming to his house the next day and he acted like he just didn't want whatever was in the bag in the house while the police were there.

    Q: Did you take the bag home in fact?

    A: Yes

    Q: By the time you leave the house do you have any idea where Melissa is?

    A: Yes

    Q: And how do you come upon that knowledge?

    A: I believe it was Craig that said that said that she was in the trunk of the car.

    Q: When and where does he make that statement?

    A: It was downstairs, maybe half an hour before we left.

    Q: And what do you guys do at that point?

    A: Just talking again. I can't remember exactly, just talking more about it. I think he was saying how he was going to get rid of the body. Before that he said she was in the trunk.

    Q: So you leave at this point and you feel like something has gone wrong?

    A: Uh-huh

    Q: Is that a yes?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Do you call the police?

    A: No

    Q: Why not?

    A: I was scared. Very threatened by Craig.

    Q: Do you know exactly what went on at this point?

    A: From A to Z, no.

    Q: Did some of it not make sense to you?

    A: Absolutely.

    Q: As a result of that do you ever look in the Nike bag that Craig gave yo to take home>

    A: I did the following day so actually it would have been, since it was 2:30 in the morning it would have been Tuesday afternoon. Or would that have been Wednesday?

    Q: Wednesday the 14th?

    A: Yes, when I left in the morning so it would have been later on that afternoon.

    Q: What was in the Nike bag?

    A: A Taser gun, a stun gun, a gym rope, and something else for one of the Taser guns or stung gun. I'm not sure what it was.

    Q: Do you eventually hand that Taser gun and the contents of that gym bag over to the police?

    A: Absolutely.

    Q: Do you recall what day it was that you did that?

    A: No. It was the first, the day that I gave my first statement.

    Q: Now you're pretty familiar with Craig and Kelly's house; is that right?

    A: Absolutely.

    Q: Do you know whether or not they have an alarm system on the house?

    A: Yes, they do.

    Q: Do you know whether or not an alarm or any sort of sound is made when you open and shut the door?

    A: It beeps three times if you open the door.

    Q: After you leave that morning when is the next time that you have a conversation with Craig or Kelly?

    A: I don't think I spoke to Kelly or Craig -- Craig had contacted me from a, he went an bought a pay as you go phone, I didn't answer it because I didn't know the phone number, and so it had been at least two or three days.

    Q: How did you know that it was Craig that had called you?

    A: Finally they left a message on my house phone and every time I tried to call it back they had all of their phones off so I had no way of getting in contact with them. I didn't even know where they were.

    Q: When is the next time you talked to Craig and Kelly.

    A: Friday.

    Q: And that would have been the 16th of December.

    A: Yes

    Q: It would have been that following Friday>

    A: That Friday, yes.

    Q: What was the occasion for contacting them? Left me back up. Who called you. Who called who?

    A: Craig called me.

    Q: What was the nature of that conversation?

    A: He just called me to see what was going on, say hello, and I told him I wanted to see Kelly.

    Q: Did you agree to meet anywhere?

    A: We were going to meet at, I believe it's Coco's on Tropicana and 215, and my husband wouldn't let me.

    Q: Who was going to meet there?

    A: Probably just me and Craig and Kelly?

    Q: You didn't meet them then at Coco's?

    A: No

    Q: Did you meet somewhere else?

    A: Later that evening I believe it was Kelly that called me and she said that we could come see them at Greg and Diana's.

    Q: Did you know Greg and Diana?

    A: Yes.

    Q: How did you know them?

    A: Through Craig and Kelly. They're business partners.

    Q: What is their last name?

    A: Ruiz.

    Q: Did you go over to Greg and Diana's house?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Who all was there?

    A: Mike Kessler, Greg and Diana Ruiz, myself, Jeremy, and obviously Craig and Kelly. And then later on Tony came back and Jeff Schwimmer.

    Q: And Tony who?

    A: Anthony Gross.

    Q: Now you're concerned about what's gone down with Craig and Kelly and you agree to meet them. Why?

    A: I was going to say goodbye to Kelly.

    Q: Where did you think she was going?

    A: To Greece.

    Q: Why did you think that?

    A: They said they couldn't get extradited back here if they were convicted.

    Q: When did you have taht conversation with --

    A: As soon as we got to Greg and Diana's, they were staying upstairs in one of their bedrooms and they just say us down, and Kelly was playinf dumb saying that they think that we did it and Craig said that they were going to go to Greece, he said it's no big deal. Kelly is going to continue to compete there, everything will be fine, and he said they needed only two witnesses to say that she was overdosed in the front seat of the car and that they'd get off.

    Q: How do you respond to that statement?

    A: Jeremy and I both said absolutely not. Jeremy was shaking his head the whole time. And Kelly commented "no, no, no, we don't mean for you guys to be it.:

    Q: Now you said you were going to say goodbye but you didn't hear those comments about we're headed to Greece until you got there. My question to you is that even though you were concerned about being around Craig and Kelly, at this point you still wanted to meet her. Why?

    A: Actually I knew that they were going to be leaving. Maybe it wasn't Greece. I knew before they were saying they were going to Mexico and then to Greece. I knew that they were going to be leaving.

    Q: Do you recall where you got that information?

    A: It was Craig or Kelly that had said that.

    Q: Did they leave you a message or phone conversation?

    A: Phone conversation. They said they refused to get picked up at their house.

    Q: That was some conversation that you had with them after you left their house at two o'clock in the morning on the 14th?

    A: It was on Friday. I think it was when I talked to Craig about meeting him, that he didn't want to say anything else over the phone.

    Q: Okay.

    A: And that's why I went over to their house because he wouldn't speak over the phone about anything so.

    Q: How long did you stay at Greg and Diana Ruiz's house?

    A: I would say an hour at the most. I tried to get out of there earlier but Kelly wouldn't let me.

    Q: How did she not let you?

    A: After they asked us to be their witnesses, we went downstairs, she was very upset, I started calling people trying to get myself out of there, and she turned away, back at me, because we were sitting at the dining room table, and she looked back at me and started crying and said "Would you please stay with me a little bit longer?"

    Q: Did you stay a little bit longer?

    A: A little bit longer but not much before they left.

    Q: Was there any discussion by Craig and Greg Ruiz's house about selling his house?

    A: He was trying to sell his houses, yes. He asked me if I could get appraisals on his properties quickly that weekend.

    Q: What do you do for living?

    A: I'm a mortgage broker.

    Q: Did you discuss getting quick appraisals?

    A: I said I could try and that's all I said.

    Q: Did you hear Craig ask anyone to buy his house?

    A: Yes, I heard him ask Jeff.

    Q: During the time that you were at Craig and Kelly's house on the 14th between about 10:30 and two o'clock in the morning, did you have any alcohol to drink?

    A: No.

    Q: Did you or Jeremy take any drugs or anything at that time?

    A: No.

    Q: And how about while you were at Greg and Diana Ruiz's?

    A: No. We had been taking a nap before that so we had no alcohol before we went there either.

    Q: And just to clarify, when you first went to Kelly and Craig's house after going to Green Valley Ranch, what date is it?

    A: The 13th.

    Q: Okay. And then by the time you leave it's the morning of the 14th?

    A: 14th.

    Q: Did you do any drugs or alcohol at their house either on the 13th or the 14th?

    A: No.

    Q: I have no further questions for this witness. Does anyone else have any questions? A juror asks a question. Ma'am, you testified that defendant Ryan said that she injected morphine into Melissa James. Was that the first time you'd ever heard of them having that drug at their house or had you seen that drug there before?

    A: Craig actually purchased it the day that Melissa moved in?

    Q: Do you know why he purchased it?

    A: Absolutely not. We were upstairs in the office and he walked in with it and Kelly said to him --- I guess one of his friend's grandfather had passed away and so he had it in his house and Craig supposedly bought it for $500, and Kelly got extremely upset with him saying "we have a very addictive personalities, why would you go and buy it," and that was the end of the conversation. I never saw it before or after.

    Q: And just to clarify, you heard Craig saw that's where he got it?

    A: Yes

    Q: So it's not something you in the bodybuilding use?

    A: No. Not as far as I know.

    Q: In your experience there exercising --

    A: No, I never heard Craig or Kelly to do morphine, no.

    Q: You stated that your workouts were usually scheduled at five p.n. Was that like Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday?

    A: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. But there would be times, in November I did a fitness competition so I was there five days a week.

    Q: You also testified that when you arrived at the house defendant Titus showed you what he said was crystal methamphetamine and some bloody needles.

    A: Uh-huh.

    Q: Did he also show you any of the credit cards or that HELOC statement you said that he talked about on the phone?

    A: Yes, he did.

    Q: While you were having dinner and you got these phone calls from either Mr. Titus or Miss Ryan, did yhey say how much money either one of them thought had been taken from them?

    A: They said that there was a wire for twenty-three thousand that Craig couldn't account for that he called Green Point, who is the owner of the loan, and they said that they didn't know where the wire was going and I know that that's, as a loan officer that that's incorrect.

    Q: So that's the only dollar figure that was mentioned?

    A: Uh-huh, twenty-three thousand.

    Q: Okay. At those early telephone conversations, did you ever tell him, did you ever advise them they ought to call the police and report these thefts and the identity thefts and the credit card action?

    A: Yes. Because they told me before that she had a warrant out for her arrest out of Florida for identity theft.

    Q: When you went out the first tiem to look at the water softener was the Jaguar parked in the garage?

    A: Yes

    Q: And is this a two-car garage or a three-car garage? I'm kind of confused?

    A: It probably could fit three cards.

    Q: So there is one big wide --

    A: Yes, there is one wide and there is a skinny one where the Jag is. So it's a one car on her side.

    Q: The second time that you went into the garage, about what time was that?

    A: I would probably say around maybe one-ish. Once we started to put everything together my husband and I were not there for longer than a half an hour. So I would say --

    Q: So between one and two?

    A: Yeah, one and two.

    Q: When you went into the garage the second time was the Jaguar still --

    A: Yes

    Q: Going back to the first visit to the garage, you mentioned or you were asked if you could see into the car.

    A: Uh-huh.

    Q: Did you see a piece of luggage?

    A: No

    Q: Did you see --

    A: I take that back. She has her dog's carrier for Joey that's always in the back seat and that was in the back seat.

    Q: So you didn't see like a person's bag or luggage?

    A: No.

    Q: Did you see a grocery bad or a Wal-Mart bag?

    A: No.

    Q: Did you see lighter fluid bottles?

    A: No

    Q: Did you see lighter fluid bottles anywhere in the garage?

    A: Not that I can remember. I wasn't looking for anything, but no.

    Q: And they, and it was Mr. Titus that said that -- no, I'm sorry. You testified that your friend Kelly Ryan told you that she thought Melissa James was putting morphine in the water?

    A: Correct. Meaning in the glasses. So when she put the water in it the water would, I guess some would come off, the morphine would come off the glasses into the water.

    Q: What did they tell you they thought was put in the water softener for you guys to go out and stare into the water softener?

    A: Kelly said she found a Kinetico brochure in the bedroom so she thought Melissa was trying to mess with the water.

    Q: Did you ever go into Kelly's room?

    A: Kelly's room, yes. Are you asking --

    Q: I'm sorry, you're correct. Did you ever go into Melissa James' room?

    A: No, I did not.

    Q: Do you know where that is located in their house/

    A: Right next to the garage.

    Q: So --

    A: So here's their garage, washer and dryer, this is Melissa's room.

    Q: So do you walk past --

    A: Uh-huh.

    Q: Melissa's room when you go to the garage?

    A: Yes

    Q: So the two times you went past there, was the door to Melissa's room open or closed?

    A: It was shut.

    Q: And you had initially been told by Kelly James that -- I mean, excuse me, Kelly Ryan -- that that's where Melissa James was in the room?

    A: That's what I assumed when she said downstairs, yes.

    Q: That's what you assumed?

    A: Yes, I assumed that.

    Q: Prior to December the 13th or 14th, did you have an occasion to observe the relationship between Craig and Melissa?

    A: Yes.

    Q: What was that relationship?

    A: Uhm, they were friends. I had heard from Kelly before that, I know that he, they had, he had liked her before. Other than that I really -- Melissa was actually very annoyed with Craig because he would demand a lot of her. He would ask her to do one thing and five minutes later ask her to do another thing and she would get very upset with him. But that's about it. I wasn't around much to watch them together.

    Q: And did Kelly ever express prior to December 13th or 14th, did Kelly every express her feelings about Melissa and Craig's relationship?

    A: When Melissa first moved into the house, which I thought she was just coming to hang for a couple of weeks whic his what they let on, Kelly did not like Melissa. There was something that happened in their past and she did not like Melissa and she was very upset that she was at their house. And that's all she really said.

    Q: Quick question. You said when you got there Kelly was changing, she had showered.

    A: Uh-huh.

    Q: What did she change into?

    A: Sweats.

    Q: What color?

    A: To be honest I couldn't tell you.

    Q: Do you recall?

    A: Probably maybe navy blue. I think they were navy blue.

    Q: Do you recall what Craig was wearing?

    A: He was wearing just some gym pants and a tank top and a baseball hat.

    Q: You said that in telephone conversation -- when you and your husband were at dinner you got several telephone calls.

    A: Correct.

    Q: Would you characterize them as Titus calling you and being in a very agitated state?

    A: Yes, I would

    Q: Did, to your knowledge did Titus or Ryan take any type of steroid or drug on a regular basis?

    A: --> Ms. Goettsch says I'm going to ask you not to answer that. That would not be relevant for these proceedings.

    Q: Did you have take a drug with them>

    A: No, I did not.

    Q: And in this telephone call, I think it was the second one, you were interrupted by the, bu a change of tape in the reporter's, I think you stated that he, he started to make a statement saying that there are three things that you don't mess with and then you were interrupted.

    A: Friends, family and his money.

    Q: Friends, family and his money. Did you know waht the purpose of Melissa James' employment -- was she employed by them? Was she paid by them?

    A: She was not paid like a salary or anything like that. She got to stay there quote unquote for free and , you know, ate their food and was given money to buy presents for he nieces and nephews and stuff like that. But she was hired or brought to Las Vegas to help them with Women's Physique International which was a federation they were opening, and Ice Gear Clothing that they were opening with Greg and Diana Ruiz,so it was just to, they were doing that with training and competing and they needed some help is what they let on.

    Q: Would it be correct to characterize that evening that you and your husband go over to the house and you spent quite a bit of time there, I understand that you didn't leave there until after one o'clock in the morning. Is that correct?

    A: Uh-huh. Correct.

    Q: But before two o'clock?

    A: Correct.

    Q: And you spent those, and that would be a number of hours wouldn't it?

    A: A couple hours?

    Q: Just a couple. Okay. Most of it was spent in discussing what they, what Melissa James, they were, Titus and Ryan were, their conversations to you were about Melissa James and what she had done and what they had done to her?

    A: That and they were talking about the federation. One of our close friends was supposed to invest in it. So the whole, the whole time we were there was not all about Melissa. There was other things being talked about.

    Q: But there did come a time when you decided that what they were telling you might have happened?

    A: Yes. And that's when we, without rushing out of there to make it look obvious, you know, we got out of there as quickly as we could.

    Q: To your knowledge where was this friendship started between Melissa and Kelly and Craig?

    A: I believe it was, they have known her for three to five years I believe, and I'm not sure whre it started. I think they met in Florida.

    Q: So it's been a couple of years that they have been friends with each other?

    A: Yes. I believe that she actually lived with them at another time and then they stopped talking for a couple of years is what it seemed like the way they talked and then she came back into their life because her boyfriend and her were having problems or something like that.

    Q: I need you to help me get something straight.

    A: Okay.

    Q: Did you say that prior to the evening of the 13th you hadn't heard anything negative about James from Ryan and Titus?

    A: No.

    Q: That evening when you were there after you had dinner at Green Valley Ranch was the first you heard anything?

    A: The first time I heard it was actually Monday when I worked out with Kelly? I don't think she asked me a question about that, but she had stated that she had noticed some of her credit cards had been used that weren't, the Kelly didn't use, and she had confronted Melissa about it and Melissa said she didn't use them and so that was it.

    Q: Just to clarify that, I thought I had asked you that question so I want to make sure we're on the same page. Monday the 12th when you worked out, there was some discussion about Melissa using their credit or what have you?

    A: Yes

    Q: You mentioned it was your understanding that Melissa James came to live with the defendants because of I guess a breakup or a problem with her boyfriend?

    A: Correct.

    Q: Do you know her boyfriend's name?

    A: I don't.

    Q: Do you know if she had a current boyfriend by the name of Eddie?

    A: No, she did not have a boyfriend named Eddie.

    Q: I am going to show you Grand Jury Exhibits 23 and 25. I'll start with 23. Direct you to the person who is depicted in this photograph. Do you recognize that person?

    A: It's Kelly.

    Q: How do you recognize her?

    A: By her hair and I can tell by the way she's standing that that's her.

    Q: Have you seen that outfit before?

    A: Yes

    Q: I'm also going to show you Exhibit 25 and ask you if you recognize what is depicted in the photograph.

    A: That's Craig Titus and that's her Jaguar and that's Kelly Ran.

    Q: In reference to those exact exhibits there, would you have the witness take a look, would you describe that white object that's across the forehead of Ryan in that photo?

    A: It's a bandana. She would wear those all the time.

    Q: Does it tie or slip on? Is it a continuous loop.

    A: It's a tie. It's a handkerchief that she rolls up and she would wear it like that or put it over her whole head when she works out.