Getbig2005 Golf Charity Event
Black Gold Golf Course

Banquet Pics

CHOC - Children's Hospital Orange County

The banquet room say 90+ people

Shawn picking out raffle tickets

Melvin making sure it isn't rigged

The room was packed, standing room only

A lot more people came to the event than planned

They ran out of food, Shawn said order whatever off the menu, so they did

Adela, Lee and the most exciting prize winner in the room

Bob ordered off the menu after playing 18 holes in 5 1/2 hours

Bill Willmore picking the raffle tickets

Two chocolate cakes for Bob!

Second place winning team in the golf event

First winning team in the gold event

Shawn getting emotional talking about CHOC

$25,000 to CHOC (with $4,500 more added later from the raffle)

CHOC giving Shawn a special award for his dedication

Special award for the main sponser, Vyo-Tech.