Getbig2005 Golf Charity Event
Black Gold Golf Course

Words from Shawn Ray regarding the 2005 Gold Charity Event
July 18, 2005, by Shawn Ray

  • Every so often we have the chance to help, protect and serve. My chance came in the form of a Game of Golf to help Children’s Hospital for kids!

    On Friday July 15, a gathering of 18 of the world’s best bodybuilders converged on Black Gold Golf Course in Yorba Linda, California to help raise $25,000.00 for CHOC Hospital of Orange County. Athletes from Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure with titles like: Mr. USA, Ms. Fitness Olympia, Ms. Olympia, Night of Champions Winner, National Champions, Mr. Universe, Jan Tana Pro Champion and the list goes on! We had over 100 participants come out on a hot summer day, some who played the game of Golf others who for the first time in their lives would walk the 18 Holes in order help change the lives of children they have never met.

    Back in April of 2005, I approached our Title Sponsor VYO-Tech with an idea to help bring the athletes together in the name of Charity in order to raise money for children through a game of Golf. I chose the CHOC Hospital due to the fact that “Fatherhood” is impending, as my wife was a couple months away from delivery of our first child, now only a couple weeks away. More importantly, I had a niece, Ashley, who back in 1991, pass away from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) at 8 weeks old.

    The following year, my nephew, Lance was born with Autism and Cerebral Palsy. He was born premature after 5 months and weighed only 1 lb- 12 ounces. He just celebrated his 13 Birthday and I thank God for bringing him into the world just as he is, bringing us together as a family rallying behind his fight for survival. Not only is he surviving, he is thriving!I thought silently to myself, as I contemplated life for me as a father, “what better example of unconditional love could I have than the love of a Special child in need? ”Our most precious resources are the children of our future, who need our love, finances and support regardless of economic structure, ethnicity, race or health they come into the world with.

    As I would drive to and from the beach, I’d pass this hospital and think to myself, what goes on there, how do they keep the doors open, as volunteer’s run the show over there? The more questions I had, the more I decided I wanted to do something about it, so I stopped in and told the hospital what I wanted to do. They were a bit surprised because they had not solicited my services and I was shooting for the Moon in organizing 100 players and $25,000.00 after Expenses!

    Nonetheless, they encouraged me to pursue my goal of helping the kids through my health and fitness contacts. VYO-Tech Nutritionals, quickly offered up the Title Sponsorship Dollars and sponsored two Holes in support of my mission to assist children in need.I quickly called on my peers of the Iron Industry and one by one, they were saying YES - I want to be a part of it; I want to support the cause! All stepped forward and participated with their time and finances!

    These guys and girls made me proud to call them friends, as they took time away from their own children, had to catch airplanes and stay in hotels, miss work and pay money for this cause. They sacrificed for the children and enabled some of them to get the medical assistance they might not have received if not for their generosity!How precious life is when your about to bring life into the world! I have a new respect for Fathers, for Children and Mothers but I thank God for hospitals who work on a volunteer basis, providing coverage for people who cannot afford to pay for their children to get pills to keep them from getting sick, shots to prevent illness, medication to ease any suffering.

    CHOC Hospital does not turn any child away regardless of ability to pay by the money we helped raise over the weekend!In driving around the course looking at the sponsorship banners from: I felt a sense of accomplishment as well as inclusion of something special in the bonding of sponsors, players and Pro’s. Without these people and companies, none of this would have been possible! At the luncheon, we were able to raise an additional toward the cause by way of some great Raffle Items with valuable return.I personally would like to thank our Pro’s, Sponsors and Volunteers, for all they gave and the love they shared for the kids! Next year we will be back and double the contribution because of our commitment to excellence!