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Gossip & Opinions / Re: Is Palumbo expiring before our eyes ?
« Last post by Humble Narcissist on Today at 12:23:57 AM »

Dave is telling Jimmy the Bull to go get porcelain implants .... I think Jimmy is missing 4 ball players at this point ( 2 infielders and 2 outfielders) and only getting worse ... a lot of money indeed
Surprised Jimmy the Bull is still alive or even walking.
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Dementia Joe - Whats he saying??
« Last post by Gym Rat on Today at 12:23:03 AM »
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Narcissistic women
« Last post by Humble Narcissist on Today at 12:21:00 AM »
Never raise children if they aren't yours unless you are Reuben James.
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Tom Prince trolling GŁnter hard
« Last post by Humble Narcissist on Today at 12:19:31 AM »
Lol Kamali is Persian ....
Close enough.
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Who has the Better Back Double Bicep
« Last post by Gym Rat on Today at 12:18:58 AM »
Why is there a chair in the bathroom in front of the posing mirror?
Live-feeds for Spaulding while Bhanks cuffs his dummy / roughs up the suspect??
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Random pics
« Last post by Gregzs on Today at 12:18:51 AM »
I've Made One Million Pizzas By Hand

Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Indictment Watch
« Last post by Humble Narcissist on Today at 12:17:47 AM »
Maybe it is you who didn't grasp how the electoral college works. Hillary won the popular vote. Trump won the electoral vote. Many folks believe the electoral college is no longer relevant to our election process.

Objections to the Electoral College votes were recorded in 1969, 2005, and 2021. In all cases, the House and Senate rejected the objections and the votes in question were counted.
Who cares what "many people believe?"
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Bob Cicherillo YouTube video from earlier tonight
« Last post by Bevo on Today at 12:17:43 AM »
A little known story about Bob he knows who I am, but we don`t hang out or anything, and he doesn`t know me very well as a person, and vice versa.....though we have crossed paths quite a few times.

When I had Cancer I was on Facebook ( I rarely go there but had to vent)...I was on my pity pot crying the blues, and I was very depressed and feeling sorry for myself and up pops Bob who gave me a long inspirational heartfelt speech which actually inspired me to pull up my skirt and put on my big boy boots and deal with my problem instead of being a whiny bitch.....after all,I created the problem.

My point is that he didn`t have to do that or say anything at all to me,I`m an insignifigant dust mote in bodybuilding,but Bob cared enough, and was kind enough to do that for me.

That goes a long fucking way in my book.

There`s also a ton of great people here who helped me immensely.....they know who they are.....way too many to name them all.

Sorry about the rant.  :)

The real question is would you stand next to him in the urinals?
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Narcissistic women
« Last post by HOWOAK on Today at 12:05:52 AM »
it sounds like you are secretly craving a homosexual relationship, pm Bhanky or primemuscle for further advice
Gossip & Opinions / The Brawl at the Mall VI
« Last post by Gym Rat on Today at 12:01:52 AM »

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