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Proves bbing is more dangerous than pro football, f1 racing, or rugby

American football players have a very short shelf life except for quarterbacks.  The majority have their bodies ruined in a few short seasons. I'm friends with a guy that was a lineman for the Detroit lions for 7 years.  He said if he knew what would have happened to his body he would have never played foot ball. He played pop warner, high school, division I and pro.  Now at around 60 he can't run a step. Has trouble walking. His knees, back and shoulders are shot. He can't lift weights and said he probably couldn't do push ups because of his shot shoulders. He has mental problems from all the concussions. All that crashing into huge, powerful fast guys destroyed his body.  He doesn't even want to talk about football. The guy came from a broken family too as a kid. He grew up across the street from my wife and they are the same age. My wife told me one day he got into a fight with his brother and they both picked up cinder blocks and were hitting each other with it. My wife showed me pictures of him as a young adult on the beach and he looked like a bodybuilder and was about 275lbs as linemen were from that era. Having that size and being explosive is some dangerous combination.
Gossip & Opinions / Re: UK in lockdown till July
« Last post by B_B_C on Today at 06:13:24 AM »
It all about taking back control
Gossip & Opinions / Re: UK in lockdown till July
« Last post by Griffith on Today at 06:11:23 AM »
It's becoming completely insane now.

These lockdowns don't work, only wreck the economy, close down businesses, cause massive job losses and create far more stress and misery.
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Bitcoins - about to hit $5,000 per coin today!
« Last post by gib on Today at 06:10:14 AM »
Is all good. The big money is coming from the institutional players into BTC. Some of that BTC gains in turn bleed into Eth. And beyond that into Alts. Its like BTC is the planet, and the alts all circulate around like moons. The alts may well outperform in the short term, purely due to smaller market cap. But make no doubts about it - BTC is the big Daddy, and the rest are to some extent parasites of the crypto ecosystem, who from time to time are having a nice meal. :)

It would not surprise me at all if alts (including ETH) in the near team, outperform BTC.
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Bob Probert v Mike Tyson in the street
« Last post by Kwon on Today at 06:09:49 AM »
Miss the old essays of yore...
Gossip & Opinions / Re: UK in lockdown till July
« Last post by oldtimer1 on Today at 06:05:19 AM »
Lockdowns don't work. If an individual wants to lock down then let that person do it. In the US they are politically motivated with questionable statistic manipulation.  The worst lockdowns were in Democrat states with numerous examples of top Democrat politicians ignoring their own rules for the masses. Now that Biden is in Michigan, Illinois, NY and California are all talking about opening.  The draconian shutdowns had two goals. One was to destroy Trump's amazing economy. The second was to come up with changing voting with mail in ballots into democrat approved computers.  See you can wait in line to buy groceries but standing in a line to vote was too dangerous.  Requesting an absentee ballot wasn't an option. Everyone had to have a mail in ballot in blue states.
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Finding the Positive
« Last post by wes on Today at 06:05:04 AM »
Those "mounds" of stories are brutally harsh and quite scary !   :LOL   'D
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Finding the Positive
« Last post by MAXX on Today at 06:03:12 AM »
Realism in clown-world means being negative
Gossip & Opinions / Re: 2021 Olympia - Las Vegas or Orlando?
« Last post by epic is back on Today at 06:02:08 AM »
stay out of florida

stay in California

Gossip & Opinions / Re: UK in lockdown till July
« Last post by homebodybuilding on Today at 05:58:44 AM »
now that they have control they will not let go. your rights will slowly be eroded.  The plan is the 4th Industrial revolution. Read the world economic forum & Klaus schwab. truly a mad man.
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