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 on: Today at 06:23:41 PM 
Started by NarcissisticDeity - Last post by BB
It's been rumored for years, and there's been a few blind items on hip hop gossip pages about him getting beat up, and stabbed over it a few times in the last few decades. Star (of Star and Bucwild) has been having a field day with it, posting tons of videos and interviews - .

 on: Today at 06:23:14 PM 
Started by drkaje - Last post by GigantorX
I'm not jumping into a dark, murky, gator-filled swamp for anyone except my fucking family.  Who gives a shit about three scumbags who were just going to be a drain on society their entire lives anyway.

But those police officers did.

 on: Today at 06:23:08 PM 
Started by Army of One - Last post by thebrink
Yes engineers grow on trees in abundance. A few thousand engineers and architects questioning the official 911 story is a big deal. And no they are not crackpots - you're reaching here Ozmo. Maybe you're the crackpot for believing 19 cave dwellers pulled off this 911 stunt?? I've said this before to Ropo and now you Ozmo. You're a tinfoil hat CT'er for believing the official fairy tail. And I would venture that you're probably also either very naive or not very bright if you insist on repeating the official crackpot narrative.

They are more like coincidence theorists it's unreal how far they'll go to defend goverment stop at nothing.

 on: Today at 06:22:20 PM 
Started by Army of One - Last post by Nails

Delgado Roe reviewed IronCity Gym
1 star
April 18 at 2:33am

I really like this gym however, i would be afraid to train/workout there, simply due to the fact that Mr. Jason blaha which is a well known ticking time bomb sociopath's home gym.
This guy has made countless death threats to well known athletes and openly threatened me over Facebook. I am honestly afraid of this unstable man and will never visit due to him being present at your gym. He has also told me on Facebook that he comes to the gym armed and if he see's me there he will not hesitate to take my life (his words).

Thank you

 on: Today at 06:20:10 PM 
Started by Wiggs - Last post by devilsmile
i thought kali's approach was fun as well and kali does the social media bodybuilding thing right. Because the whole thing is a comedy really. I can't watch piana's videos at all, because the guy looks like a circus freak but tries to portray himself as a smart man who's just like everyone else doing business  Roll Eyes

 on: Today at 06:18:12 PM 
Started by NarcissisticDeity - Last post by NarcissisticDeity
 Huh Shocked Lips sealed

What the flying-fuck?

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

 on: Today at 06:16:22 PM 
Started by Army of One - Last post by BB
I feel bad for them, I'm sure Blaha's going to be gone soon. I wouldn't be surprised if he was day passing it or something, given that most of the videos from there were a few bench press sets and a few deadlifts usually.

Here's the review page - .

 on: Today at 06:11:31 PM 
Started by Nether Animal - Last post by Nether Animal
116 pages and she still has it tucked back


Repost, but it must be done.

 on: Today at 06:10:00 PM 
Started by Wiggs - Last post by BB
would that 66 shit actually hurt anyones business in the fitness industry? especially of people's like piana, o'hearn, the horse smile? they are people who live in social media, they know all the memes and vines and slogans of today or at least they should, so i would think the customer base is mostly trendy young meat heads of today. imo  the 66 shit is not hurting noone, if anything it brings ominous humor on the plate that everyone is already familiar about.

i read few of piana's tweets and his grammar and style of writing, his entire writing theme is definitely not targeted for high class business people, but that's just my opinion.

It does nothing but annoy them for a couple of days, and it hurts their ego. What most of these guys don't realize is that they aren't getting trolled because some slow guy orders it, they're getting trolled because they're usually snake oil salesmen that take themselves way too seriously.

I actually think Kali Muscle handled it the best with this bit of goofiness -

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>.

Someone going along with the joke usually takes all the fun out of it.

 on: Today at 06:03:17 PM 
Started by Wiggs - Last post by devilsmile

the only problem i can see is if a "REAL FAN" wanted to leave Rich a message about buying his shitty gallon jug juice, buy his crappy 5% shit or wanting to give rich a thanks , it would be hard for Rich to see it when he has to look threw 3,000 order 66 oil bag comments

Like most business people, when the money is in the bank account, the rest is acting. I know that some people here in getbig have met piana in person and they said he really takes time with his fans. But I don't think they realise it's just piana's way to sell shit, he's in auto mode like business people are when they sell shit, but u do have a point

this says it all

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Spot on, and a great movie Tongue

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