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 on: Today at 06:49:52 PM 
Started by Wiggs - Last post by Sizwe
This is true.

Is this a good thing though Wiggs?  Or is the US better off being majority white?

 on: Today at 06:48:13 PM 
Started by SF1900 - Last post by dearth
A great start to the week for the orange turd:

1) Was too scared of rain to honor our military
2) Angry at the French for being made fun of
3) Throws the secret service under the bus
4) Forced his wife to to air her dirty laundry to get his attention, as he only pays attention to news coverage

 on: Today at 06:47:17 PM 
Started by Wiggs - Last post by Hypertrophy
Several years ago, I was thinking of all the things "they" lie to us about (everything). I tried to put myself in their wicked cloven footed shoes and think of things to lie about and what would be to gain. One of those things was the population.


I've always found your posts to be enjoyable, as imaginative as they are. However, I must ask- Do you know what exponential growth is? Because that is the reason for the population climbing as fast as it has regardless of wars or famine. Think of what happens with the population of  mice, or rats, or deer when you remove natural predators. The same thing happens with humans. Once you remove most mechanisms of mortality, or you increase the time before mortality, you get astronomical numbers.

The image below is an example of what happens when you add up pennies over the span of a month after you double the amount each day. The population does the same when growing unchecked.

And by the way, I too have traveled the world and have seen where all these billions live. China, for example, has 15 cities with a population over 10 million, and a few well over 20 million. Take a visit to Shanghai and let me know what you think.

 on: Today at 06:46:58 PM 
Started by stevebarbarian - Last post by The Scott
Peter looks like a typical meth addict.  FTN.

 on: Today at 06:40:42 PM 
Started by HTexan - Last post by The Scott
Ever said that. Guess questioning you, and your story is falling apart.

I'll leave that to you, Champ. Enjoy

The quote of you saying you're a "bear" is accurate because it is your own.  I don't alter quotes. By your admission, you are a bear,ergo you know all about them.  You're in over your head in the shallow end of the Gene Pool.  I suggest you head over to the toddler pool.  Don't forget your water wings.

Hurts, doesn't it kiddo?  Fucking typist.

 on: Today at 06:39:29 PM 
Started by Darren Avey - Last post by benchmstr
When you say ripped mean...sexually?


 on: Today at 06:35:21 PM 
Started by Primemuscle - Last post by Irongrip400
Go to your CPA instead of getbig.

 on: Today at 06:34:44 PM 
Started by Darren Avey - Last post by The Scott
It's not an unknown to assume Ford will get slaughtered in the Octagon against Lesnar.  He stands no chance unless Lesnar had a heart attack right at the beginning of the match and dropped dead.  Lesnar was a state champion wrestler in high school, wrestled for Minnesota (one of the best teams in the nation), and has several mma matches under his belt.  Ford lifts weights.

Yeah, but...but...but Ford has a shaved head, scary primitive tattoos, makes wicked evil faces and is not good to his mother!  'n' sheit. 

 on: Today at 06:33:36 PM 
Started by Elvishk - Last post by Red Hook
if you are interested there is a guy that frequents here that sells slightly used bunny suits. 

might be just the thing that you are looking for, you will be the life of the party

 on: Today at 06:31:58 PM 
Started by Wiggs - Last post by The Scott
Wow...What's next?  Anne Frank was black?

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