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 on: Today at 03:59:05 AM 
Started by KSA - Last post by liberty
1956 (age 42) – set what was claimed as a world record of 1,033 push-ups in 23 minutes

1959 (age 45) – did 1,000 jumping jacks and 1,000 chin-ups in 1 hour, 22 minutes, to promote The Jack LaLanne Show going nationwide. LaLanne said this was the most difficult of his stunts, but only because the skin on his hands started ripping off during the chin-ups. He felt he couldn't stop because it would be seen as a public failure.

 on: Today at 03:50:31 AM 
Started by QuietYou - Last post by Spike
Most of those dudes BEG for free shit

Naps prob got tired of it and sent him a grab bag and shit stain made a YouTube video

Most of these young guys love just talking about AAS but damn sure won’t do research

 on: Today at 03:44:57 AM 
Started by Pet shop boys - Last post by NarcissisticDeity

 on: Today at 03:43:18 AM 
Started by Pet shop boys - Last post by NarcissisticDeity

 on: Today at 03:42:37 AM 
Started by Danimal77 - Last post by Matt
Every full grown adult should be able to deadlift 375 if they're even mildly competent and somewhat have an athletic background as well as go to the gym semi regularly

True, but these days, people don't, so it makes his lift impression.

475...then I would be impressed.  That's near by lifetime max, and likely above my max with good form [especially contest form], and I was wearing straps - but I think anyone at 475 or beyond definitely put some time in.  I would even say that about 375, but as you said - most men will be able to go there if they go to the gym.  I would say regularly, rather than semi-regularly though.  JMO.

 on: Today at 03:41:05 AM 
Started by Vince G, CSN MFT - Last post by SuperTed
Matt you're a vacuous, dimwitted, moron, but a harmless one.  Let me dunk that test with Dr. Umar Johnson. That test is garbage and it's been known for a long time.

That was the only bullet in your chamber. You should be ashamed.  You're a terrible critical thinker to not have understood this and or just a plain ol' insecure racist.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Whether or not Umar Johnson is credible (and I don't think he is from what I've read), he only explains the differences in IQ between white Americans and black Americans - which he blames on white privilege/supremacy.
How does he explain why Asians score higher then whites, or why Ashkenazi Jews score higher then everyone else? Why do African blacks score lower then most other non-white populations too?  

 on: Today at 03:40:42 AM 
Started by Vince G, CSN MFT - Last post by Matt
Had Vince's video stuck with "racist" and so far as "White Nationalist" [but ideally "race realist"], I could have condoned his video.  As it is now, I cannot.

I think Vince went way overboard to attack me here.  Yes, some will be convinced, as Ron obviously was, but others will see that I have videos on YouTube that have more views than most that MD has posted, and see that people don't care about "racism" as they once did.

Do you know what I try to focus on?  Articulation, intelligence, politeness, data-backing, rapport-building - stuff like that.  The way I see it, even people who strongly disagree with me on the subjects I do will have a difficult time ignoring posts, if I hold to that style.

As for the 10-25% of posts where I break those rules, and just make fun, or comment on how completely moronic some left-wing policy is...well...if you look at England right now, you have people being arrested for offending others.  Lips sealed  Someone has to talk about that...right?  Undecided

 on: Today at 03:34:04 AM 
Started by Agnostic007 - Last post by gh15
it is probably suckmymuscle post op

nono,, suckmuscle they could get..  me they can dream of getting its their wet dream but never achieved..

13 years total! domination

its more than hitler may he be rotten in hell.. and more than Delano.. look how i recovered from the ddos attack on my virtual life Roll Eyes 5 years ago..  just open your eyes..

i chalenege anyone to get to me.. it looks like its me and vladi vladi and me,,

14th year..

bring the propeller wesly,,

gh15 approved
lion of Judah

 on: Today at 03:30:22 AM 
Started by Vince G, CSN MFT - Last post by Matt

Exactly.  Why does Jared Taylor need to call himself a "race realist" or anything else for that matter?  Roll Eyes  He is a realist, period.  When people ask me what I am, I don't know how to answer that.  I probably share something like 99% of my ideology with White Nationalists, so I guess just call me that - after all, myself, White Nationalists, and virtually 99% of liberals [who live NOWHERE NEAR diversity] all feel the same way - so maybe you can call me a liberal also?

The problem with calling me a "White Supremacist" is that it would suggest I want to rule over other races.  In reality, I don't want diversity for ANY country.  Not White countries, not non-White countries - not ANYONE - precisely because diversity is garbage.

But again, the term "White Nationalist" may be appropriate, even though I don't look at one.  Mainly because when you read what a White Nationalist has to say, it's basically 99% the same as mine.  That said, "libertarian" works just as well.

At the end of the day, what I am saying is objectively and provably and EMPIRICALLY correct, so I see no reason to label myself at all.

On that note, I must be a Black Nationalist for thinking that Blacks have superior DNA for sprinting.  Roll Eyes

The races are DIFFERENT - that's the point.  Wiggs would not bet money that Whites will dominate football this year because he knows this just as much as I do, lol.  So does Vince "Money" Good Guy, who I consider a long-time, dear friend.  So I have no clue why he would call me racist.  Vince, if you are ever in Thunder Bay, Canada, I can promise you, I will give you a place to stay during your stay.  And I am a man of my word.

 on: Today at 03:28:21 AM 
Started by Agnostic007 - Last post by gh15
Unless you're looking for retarded posts about drugs, intentionally misspelled words and an absolute shitton of ego from some anonymous people that use that account, you're missing nothing.

don't bs him,, i am one individual,, ron knows it well,, and anyone on here knows it well,

i also am the most famos most talked about individual in bodybuld and fitness in the last 13 years going the 14th year

i also made millions on the way..

and lastly on 8th of November 2016 i became truly! invinsible

i was the good.. thus i achived the success i achieved,,

all together now..

i do not withness history,,
i write it!

gh15 approved
lion of Judah

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