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 on: Today at 01:39:11 AM 
Started by Fallsview - Last post by dj181
If Dan Duchaine was in this era, he'd be laughed at. When Dan competed he looked horrible and he knew it. He always hated his calves. I believe he had a 17-18 inch arm.

Bostin probably doesn't know chemical structures but who cares. He's telling you what it takes to be a Pro and what their cycles cost. He's also calling out people. Something Dan didn't do too much of.

Back in 93 I witnessed first hand what a Pro does to keep at that level. If I told you, you'd say I was lying or he was crazy when in fact every Pro does it.

Still have the dozens or so letters of correspondence from Dan in his prison. Some didn't make it to me because the prison had confiscated them. I miss him...he helped me and was compassionate.

MAKE GETBIG GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's an 18 5/8 inch arm

 on: Today at 01:31:59 AM 
Started by Fallsview - Last post by Beefjake
To feel good and to stay intact after stupid sporting endeavours of youth.

Strenght and looks are a nice by-product.
Neither is significant...

 on: Today at 01:27:50 AM 
Started by MoralMan - Last post by Beefjake
What they said.
Magnsium does nothing for imfammation or pain.

One study I read said that Mg sprays and lotions raised the level of those igredients in blood.
They could not say if it had risen locally more...

So, cheaper just to stay on Mg tabs and drinks IMO

Then again placebo is a poverful aid... If it helps, it helps!

 on: Today at 01:24:28 AM 
Started by FitnessFrenzy - Last post by FitnessFrenzy
I think it is funny how mainstream media and investment advisors tell people not to invest know becauseo of brexit, and then you have people like George Soros who are making millions by:

- buying gold

- shorting Deutsche Bank

I guess the big players always have a trick up their sleeve  Smiley

 on: Today at 01:17:02 AM 
Started by Fallsview - Last post by Van_Bilderass
Duchaine was a high IQ individual who came up with some original ideas. Very different from Bostin. But Duchaine was very reckless with drugs too, worse than Bostin.

Bostin has said bb is about genetics, he isn't delusional in that sense, thinking drugs make up for poor genetics.

 on: Today at 12:57:46 AM 
Started by Fallsview - Last post by bigmc
to look good

legs are the result of 20k hack squats and 90k leg press.

epic mfi flat pack chest of drawers

looking good  Cool

 on: Today at 12:51:45 AM 
Started by Fallsview - Last post by dj181
it's weird because i dont put nearly as much effort into those as in my arms

building arms aint easy

i just started focusing on my tris so i'll keep this up for a good 4-6 weeks and if there is a change i'll let you know brosef (the experts around me tell me that my tris are behind my bis and delts, i agree with the delt part but not the bi part, but 3 different people tell me so, so i guess i should listen to them, but come to think of it, i'm actually focusing on bis too but tris even more so as this is what these "voices" keep telling me lol)

in fact i'm going to split bis and tris up (tris in the morning, bis in the evening) and train them on the same day every other day

what's funny is that i did an arm focus before and it did work as my arms were a full 1 1/4 inches bigger at the same bodyweight
, but i did lose size on my pecs and back, so i basically shifted the weight from my torso to my arms

so whoever says that spot gaining ain't possible is fucking wrong

 on: Today at 12:38:41 AM 
Started by Fallsview - Last post by visualizeperfection
i got my glock with me, just in case they try to get me, but 1-2 punch combo or rare naked choke is far better option in respect to legal aftermath.

Shooting people is risky endevour.

You can do your "pump" sets and inject AAS/hgh and feel badass, but you are no better than the beauty pageant bitches. Deadlifts, squats, C&Js, pull ups, etc are all must imo.

Even better, you can stop training and get some piana like implants and be HUGE.

Agree 100%. I feel that functional muscle will be infinitely more important when you are "going to war" at the local mud-run, asserting your dominance over a lesser beta male at the office Christmas party, or when an unruly non-white/non-lifter decides to harsh on you for having 19 items at the 15 item and under line at the supermarket. This world is all about physical dominance.

Have you considered incorporating these tools into your preparedness arsenal? They help you lock in the full power of the "rare naked choke".

 on: Today at 12:31:59 AM 
Started by FitnessFrenzy - Last post by Mayday
I discussed that with someone last weekend when peppers was on TV.

I get the argument, problem is if the monetary system.collapses the short term result is total chaos and everything devalues for average Joe. You can't use gold on the street because it has no value, can be faked, can't be weighed, it's useless.

WWII people swapped jewellery, diamonds, Gold for food and water. But diamonds are worth 2000/ct.... Nope, they are worth what the owner of the food says it's worth. This has been done before and history repeats. The rich with all the jewels and gold were instantly poor because in civilian life it's useless yet somehow people believe it's different now.....  

The biggest trick is a monetary system is based on belief.... I believe the digits in my account are money. I believe he plastic notes in my wallet is money. Everybody else around me believes it. Go and grab your Gold bar and ask the same question. If everybody aggrees (which they won't), go one further an swap $100 gold for $100 cash and.see.who takes up the offer.... NO one will. Walk into a bank, give them 100/gold and exchange for a 100note, won't happen. Today its merely a store of.value, nothing more. See my point?

Money is belief. Livestock was once money. Grain was once money. Gold was once money. Coins and paper notes are money today.

Gold has value before a collapse, not after for average Joe . So the trick is to get out and buy whatever it is you need before be it land, food etc.

 on: Today at 12:30:35 AM 
Started by Fallsview - Last post by BlackMetallic
OH BOY!! Ultimate Orange? I tried that 20 years ago. That mess was so loaded with ephedrine it was ridiculous. I told this story several years ago. But, the first time I used it (while in college), it was before taking the bus to the gym. Since it was a 40-minute ride, I'd take a nap.

I kid you not. My arm felt cold and started twitching on its own. When I got to the gym, I had the most monstrous headache I'd ever had.

Yes, I was wired and could push a little extra weight. But, I barely made it a week before saying "NO MAS!!" to using that product. I didn't want to throw it a way. So I think I tried taking it once a week just to get rid of it. Once it was gone (either I used it all up or threw the rest away; again, I'm not sure), I NEVER touched that stuff again.

The original ultimate oarnge had more than just ephedrine.... 

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