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 on: Today at 07:48:53 PM 
Started by obsidian - Last post by Hypo
Roll Eyes

From Alan Bullock's, Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives:

page 173:

Gregor Strasser declared in a [Nazi] party periodical: 'We National Socialists are enemies, deadly enemies, of the present capitalist system with its exploitation of the economically weak...and we are resolved under all circumstances to destroy this system.

page 169:

They [Nazi Party in Berlin] developed a more radical form of National Socialism, appealing to a younger generation and picking up the anti-capitalist points from the party programme: the abolition of unearned income, ground rent and land speculation; the attack on 'interest slavery', finance capital and big department stores; the call for nationalization of heavy industry, profit-sharing and land reform. These demands were presented as a national 'German', idealist form of socialism, an alternative to the international, materialistic, levelling class war preached by the Marxist.

Sound pretty bloody socialist to me!

 on: Today at 07:48:28 PM 
Started by sceagacros - Last post by herraisland
I have a shit ton of legit blue hearts and anabols. For the past few years anytime I try to take any oral my well being takes a hit within a few days. My mood especially I can't figure it out.

I regonize it. Most of the time I feel like shit.. depressed and axiety(how u spell that). Think it has something to do with the liver ?

 on: Today at 07:47:52 PM 
Started by obsidian - Last post by Thin Lizzy
Most white people vote Republican because they believe that the democrats will give all their hard earned money to people of color.  When the reality is that like 1% of what comes out of your check goes to welfare related programs half or more of which goes to poor white people.  They never care about the corporate welfare which believe me is much greater than social welfare.  

Actually, I don't believe you:

 on: Today at 07:46:49 PM 
Started by BBSSchlemiel - Last post by BBSSchlemiel
Sure was. 2 full days of what was like the best university for strength/nurtition/injuries etc, really enjoyed it :-)

Was John Beercardi there?

 on: Today at 07:45:48 PM 
Started by herraisland - Last post by herraisland
What's your point on that ?

Jizz have you ever used it?

 on: Today at 07:45:22 PM 
Started by Parker - Last post by OB1
No there won't be anymore bible verses, apologetics, testimonies, theology, etc from me for those that repeatedly insult and mock believers.  I've given the gospel repeatedly.   I desire nothing but blessing for known God haters but discussion with me is all done until that stuff stops.  If you want it back you'll have to earn it.  That won't ever happen so that's that.

I don't think there are any "God haters".
Just people with different beliefs/worldviews.

 on: Today at 07:44:43 PM 
Started by theworm - Last post by theworm
I like this except for the dbol.  I also agree with whomever suggested starting with sust.  If not sust, maybe add some prop the 1st 2-4 weeks. 

Why doesn't anyone like the dbol?  Thought it be a good mass builder, kick starter?

 on: Today at 07:43:43 PM 
Started by BBSSchlemiel - Last post by Meaningless
Was that the SWIS conference that charged an arm and a leg to observe how to bench press or to learn how to chug simple carbs after a workout?

Sure was. 2 full days of what was like the best university for strength/nurtition/injuries etc, really enjoyed it :-)

 on: Today at 07:41:45 PM 
Started by OzmO - Last post by headhuntersix
Well  big O you got two pages of real answers without a lot of bs....friggen getbig record. You can rest easy tonight your work is done.

Yeah..freedom from religion but now that means a war memorial offends some jackass that rolls through a town square once a year.

 on: Today at 07:39:35 PM 
Started by The True Adonis - Last post by headhuntersix you know anything about NH. Half the state is Mass transplants fleeing Mass taxes. Your guy ain't winning a general. It will be 1984 all over again...forget it. The guy is a commie piece of shit. I don't care if he's "sincere" ...Obama was sincere as well and we got collectively butt fucked.

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