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Author Topic: pm question answerd  (Read 760 times)
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« on: January 04, 2008, 10:22:01 PM »

Your right about all this dog & pony show shit posing as steroid.
Personaly I only use USA made HG from the HRT pharmas.
Or top notch shit when I'm out of the States.

What is Good left out there?
Way I see it, only the Islamic origin stuff.
Im not so keen on it, but teh "Organon" and "Schering" from Paki and Iran look the closest to real deal taht the average USA guys can get.
Nobody seems to see the German and Dutch stuff that was availible in Thailand back around 97.

Appears the UG mafia put even legit pharm producers out of the Biz..

How about the Global ANabolics? No good?
Axio is bad from the factory, or fakes out there?

Why not someone put up some lab testing of this shit products and show PPL what they are injecting ito their bodys?

THese stupid fucking USA guys dont get it that they can get enough legal AAS to serve their needs from the HRT clinics.
THey think they are on massive doses of UG steroid, but should fry their eggs in it for better anabolic effect.

HGH  same story IMO. I see changes in days from USA HG HGH, not this
"Takes months to notice" shit.....

All this talk of (X) color top HGH sounds fake as hell to me....

global is underground and i wouldnt use underground
axio is straight out garbage better digest your poop and inject your pee doesnt matter how much palumbo pocket get hurt or one of the other fellons all around the world that has to do with underground garbage and hgh fakes,,
no one will put you lab test because thay re not reliable because the vials sent there are picky chosen and in many times the papers are fake and the sample is messed with ,, in american no legit lab will mess with underground garabge,,underground garbage will bribe the so called lab and buy their tests ,,the lab oweners have always something to do with distributers,,REMEMBER THOSE FELLONS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH REAL JOBS SO THEY GET MONEY FROM "DRUG DEALING AND FROM DRUG TESTING"

the solution is always buy human grade and youll be ok in most cases as long as your connection has good name and as long as you know yoru shit

red top blue top pink top gh all fakes and shitty poweder quality that in 90% cases not even legit gh,,
lastly ,,,yes real legit human grade hormones will be flet within couple hours of taking them ,,in the worst case a day or 2
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