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Author Topic: COLOMBIA SOUTH AMERICA GEAR  (Read 884 times)
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« on: February 20, 2009, 04:04:05 PM »

Just got back from COLOMBIA, SOUTH AMERICA and believe me boys other than the girls the SCHERING TESTOVIRON ENTHATE 250 was the best thing going down there. I helped my self to about 13 amps while not even training had a pump 24/7. The quality of the product cannot be denied. By far hands down the best test i have ever used. I was pumped and vascular the entire time i was there off the Testoviron enathato by Schering. 1 amp of 250mgs went for about 2.25 cents here in the US. That stuff made me chase girls like a dog and a bone. I also noticed Deca and of course t3, lasik (only 40mg) and the injectable lasik, also they had some halotestin i saw. Now i dont know if prescription was necessary or not but every place i went they sold me a amp or 5 and threw in the needle and syringe free. In addition for you pill poppers they have DOVER which is a 5mg hydrocodone with 200mg ibprofuen. 30 pills for 5 dollars. You can fill a creatine or NO2 bottle full of those for 100 dollars. Im sure they had stuff stronger. THe Dover was prescription only but only one place turned me down. Usually you slip them a 5 dollar bill or some pesos they will give you anything you want. Damn sure glad i have friends in Colombia i can call now!! For you UG whores listen closely, it pays off big time to get quality gear like a schering testoviron. the difference is phenomenal. Glad i have friends down there that live near the ole post office  Tongue
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