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Author Topic: The limitations of a conscious creator  (Read 581 times)
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« on: March 17, 2009, 10:00:32 AM »

The concept of a "conscious creator" is immature and simplistic. Consciousness itself is a result of the universe, the universe is not a result of consciousness. This is where people get confused. People are conscious and use this as a point of reference, they tend to see things created by consciousness (humans usually) and then assume that all things are created by consciousness. They are ignoring the fact that nature creates things without any observable consciousness, and the fact that consciousness itself only occurred late in the life of the universe through natural processes. The idea that a consciousness created the universe itself is asinine and illogical.

The all encompassing universe (or reality, or whatever you want to call it) is what formed the world and is itself not a conscious entity or God. It is nature itself. It forms consciousness, consciousness doesn't form it. Humans, working from their limited reference, have created the idea of a God after themselves. This isn't how things are though.

Consciousness was formed by the universe through natural occurrences. Human type consciousness didn't even appear until around a few hundred thousand years ago. This is a blink of an eye in the lifespan of the universe. Consciousness itself is just one, among many, natural occurrences in the universe. Claiming that the universe itself was formed by consciousness is childish and simple minded.
For most people, grasping the idea of natural selection is impossible. However this is how things work. The things in the universe that do last tend to last and those do not last tend not to last. Obviously simple, yet so hard for many to grasp. From simple molecules to complex organisms, those that are more prone to last or reproduce do so and those that are not do not. Thus adding on and adding on, we get what we see today, including the biological function known as consciousness. All the result of natural selection within the universe.

The universe is what made the world and humans in it. And like the world and humans were formed naturally, so was the universe itself. Though scientists don't know the precise details of how the universe formed, this doesn't mean that we can assume that it wasn't natural or that it was the result of some consciousness. Humans have historically assumed that any natural event who's cause was unknown must be the result of divinity or some god or goddess, however time after time it has been shown that nature is responsible and the causes can be explained and examined. Currently those who believe in a conscious creator have very few "gaps" left where this creator can exist, and those gaps are closing day after day.

The truth is that humans are part of the universe. Humans are a result of the universe and some aspects of the universe are a result of humans. It is all the same thing in essence. Not only will humans be recycled back into the universe when they die, but are being recycled even as they live when they shed skin or hair or defecate. Humans are also exchanging energy with the rest of the universe, heat and light and movement. Everything in the universe is the same in essence and flows together as one. The differences are illusions. In essence, your hand is made up of the same things as an apple or a blade of grass. They only seem different because of how they are put together.

Basically it is like this: Higher Consciousness itself is a property of a small number of higher biological beings, mostly mammals with exceptions here and there. Human consciousness, with their type of empathy and jealousy and anger and love and compassion and pride, are as far as we know limited to one single species on one single planet in the entire universe. How ironic is it that the creator of the universe and all reality happens to just have the same exact emotions and feelings and attributes as typical humans do? The creator of the universe and all life gets jealous and angry and happy and has all of the basic human emotions? Now, Why else would this be unless humans formed this conscious creator after themselves? It's the same in all religions for the most part. The Gods are shaped after the people. Zeus cheated on his wife, for instance. Imagining that the universe itself was formed by consciousness, which the universe itself formed, would be putting the horse behind the carriage.

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