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Author Topic: President Bush's Cabinet Cabinet Positions & Cabinet Officials  (Read 1497 times)
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« on: May 07, 2009, 12:56:06 PM »

Notable Reptilians: George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., Richard Cheney, Al Gore, Colin Powell, Queen Elizabeth and all 4 sons including Prince Charles and Prince Andrew

       President Bush's Cabinet
             Cabinet Positions & Cabinet Officials
             Attorney General John Ashcroft -- High order Reptilian
             Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld -- High Order Reptilian
             Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson-High Order  Reptilian

             Interior Secretary Gale Norton -- Alien controlled
             Secretary of State Colin Powell --Reptilian of the Highest Order
             Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill -- Reptilian
             President Bush's Advisors
             White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card
             Director of the Office of Management and Budget
              Mitch Daniels -- Alien controlled
             National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice --Alien --other type

             Senators of the 107th Congress

             Akaka, Daniel (D - HI) Reptilian

             Allen, George (R - VA) Reptilian
             Bayh, Evan (D - IN) -- Alien/other type
             Biden Jr, Joseph (D - DE) -- Reptilian
             Bond, Christopher (R - MO) -- Reptilian

             Boxer, Barbara (D - CA) -- Alien supported

             Bunning, Jim (R - KY) -- Alien supported

              Byrd, Robert (D - WV) -- Reptilian
             Campbell, Ben Nighthorse (R - CO) Pleiadean (fallen to the        other side)

             Carper, Thomas (D - DE) -- Alien supported

             Clinton, Hillary (D - NY) --Alien/other type
             Conrad, Kent (D - ND) --Alien/other type
             Crapo, Mike (R - ID) --- Alien supported
             Daschle, Thomas (D - SD) --Reptilian

             Dodd, Christopher (D - CT) -- Alien supported

             Domenici, Pete (R - NM) --Reptilian

             Dorgan, Byron (D - ND) -- Reptilian

             Durbin, Richard (D - IL) --Alien supported
             Feingold, Russell (D - WI) -- Alien/other type

             Graham, Bob (D - FL) -- Reptilian

             Gramm, Phil (R - TX) -- Reptilian of high office

             Harkin, Tom (D - IA) -- Alien of high office
             Hollings, Ernest (D - SC) -- Alien /other type

             Hutchison, Kay Bailey (R - TX) -- Alien supported
             Inouye, Daniel (D - HI) --Reptilian
             Kennedy, Edward (D - MA) --Very high reptilian

             Leahy, Patrick (D - VT) -- Reptilian
             Lieberman, Joseph (D - CT) --Very high alien/other type
             McCain, John (R - AZ) -- Alien hybrid
             Nickles, Don (R - OK) --- Alien/other type
             Reid, Harry (D - NV) -- Alien supported

             Rockefeller IV, John (D - WV) --Reptilian of very high

             Santorum, Rick (R - PA) Alien/other type

             Sarbanes, Paul (D - MD) Very high (nasty) alien type
             Specter, Arlen (R - PA) __Very high reptilian
            Thurmond, Strom (R - SC) Alien/other type
             Warner, John (R - VA) Reptilian/Warrior Leader

               Reptilian's in the House

             (Not exactly The West Wing)
            House of Representatives:
             Aderholt, Robert; Alabama, 4th (Reptilian and group leader of
other  aliens)
             Armey, Richard; Texas, 26th (Alien/other breed)
             Baird, Brian; Washington, 3rd (Alien/other type)
             Baldwin, Tammy; Wisconsin, 2nd (Reptilian)
             Barrett, Thomas; Wisconsin, 5th (Alien/other type)
             Becerra, Xavier; California, 30th (Reptilian)
              Bilirakis, Michael; Florida, 9th (Reptilian of High Office)
             Blunt, Roy; Missouri, 7th Reptilian of High Office)
             Bonior, David; Michigan, 10th (Very high Reptilian--Leader of sub-group)
             Boucher, Rick; Virginia, 9th (Reptilian--high office)
             Brown, Henry; South Carolina, 1st (Reptilian -- very
             high order)
             Callahan, Sonny; Alabama, 1st (Reptilian --other type)
             Capito, Shelley; West Virginia, 2nd (Alien --other type)
             Carson, Brad; Oklahoma, 2nd (Reptilian --very high officer)
             Clayton, Eva; North Carolina,1st (Reptilian --very high order)
             Condit, Gary; California, 18th (Levy died because she found
out his  secret--he's Reptilian --not such a high order (obviously))
             Crenshaw, Ander; Florida, 4th (Reptilian --very high order)
             Culberson, John; Texas, 7th (Extremely high order reptilian)
             Davis, Susan; California, 49th (Reptilian)
             DeFazio, Peter; Oregon, 4th (Reptilian--very high order)
             DeLay, Tom; Texas, 22nd (A leader of the Reptilians here on
planet  Earth)
             Doggett, Lloyd; Texas, 10th (Reptilian --very high order)
             English, Phil; Pennsylvania, 21st (Reptilian commander)
             Flake, Jeff; Arizona, 1st (Reptilian, leader of lesser order)
             Fossella, Vito; New York, 13th (Alien --other type)
             Gilchrest, Wayne; Maryland, 1st (Reptilian --very high order)
             Goss, Porter; Florida, 14th (Reptilian/alien hybrid)
             Green, Mark; Wisconsin, 8th (Alien --other type)
             Gutierrez, Luis; Illinois, 4th (Reptilian --very high order)
             Hansen, James; Utah, 1st (Reptilian leader)
             Hefley, Joel; Colorado, 5th (Reptilian leader)
             Hobson, David; Ohio, 7th (Alien--other type)
             Houghton, Amo; New York, 31st (Reptilian --very high order)
             Hyde, Henry; Illinois, 6th (Reptilian of the Supreme Command
             Jackson-Lee, Sheila; Texas, 18th (Reptilian --other type)
              Jones, Walter; North Carolina, 3rd (Reptilian --High Command)
             Kennedy, Patrick; Rhode Island, 1st (Alien influenced)
             Kind, Ron; Wisconsin, 3rd (Reptilian --supreme command)

             Langevin, James; Rhode Island, 2nd (Reptilian --First Order)
             Lewis, John; Georgia, 5th (Reptilian)
             Luther, Bill; Minnesota, 6th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
             Markey, Edward; Massachusetts, 7th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
              McHugh, John; New York, 24th (Reptilian --extremely High Order)
             McNulty, Michael; New York, 21st (Reptilian --Very High Order)
             Miller, George; California, 7th (Reptilian --Extremely High
             Nethercutt, George; Washington, 5th (Reptilian --Supreme Command)
             Owens, Major; New York, 11th (Reptilian --Extremely High Order)
             Pence, Mike; Indiana, 2nd (Reptilianj --Very High Order)
             Platts, Todd; Pennsylvania, 19th (Reptilian --VEry High Order)
             Rahall, Nick; West Virginia, 3rd (Reptilian)
             Rangel, Charles; New York, 15th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
             Rodriguez, Ciro; Texas, 28th (Reptilian)
             Ryan, Paul; Wisconsin, 1st (Reptilian)
             Serrano, Jose; New York, 16th (Reptilian --High Order)
             Shimkus, John; Illinois, 20th (Alien --other type)
             Slaughter, Louise; New York, 28th (Reptilian)
             Stearns, Cliff; Florida, 6th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
             Strickland, Ted; Ohio, 6th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
              Thomas, William; California, 21st (Reptilian --High Order)
             Walsh, James; New York, 25th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
             Weller, Jerry; Illinois, 11th (Alien --other type)
             Wilson, Heather; New Mexico, 1st (Reptilian)
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Bite Me!

« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2009, 04:23:41 PM »

Talk about your own country and it's problems Shithead.
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« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2009, 08:55:32 PM »

Dumbbest thread of the day.  good work
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