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Author Topic: Thought you guys might like this  (Read 914 times)
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« on: May 24, 2009, 01:59:51 PM »

hey guys, not posted here in a while, been training away. Was on CF during rugby season and that really helped. Back on DC (which iv used very successfuly before)....

Thought id drop this in and let you know see this.

Have you ever thought of adding pyramid work into your routine. i have a friend who developed this based on old army pyramids used to improve dip pullups and pressups....It can be transfered over to normal weight lifting moves (if someone wished), but can also be transfered over to gymnastiv is how it works.

Pik 3 exercises u wanna do in a pyramid, il take 3 exercises at random (you could put them in any order you wanted).
handstand pushups,ring pullups,ring dips. 9im picking 3 gymnastic moves, as hes rotated gymnastic work in every so often)

It goes like this. Perform 1 HSPU,then 2ring pullups, then 3 ring dips (1,2,3)....then immediately perform 2 HSPU's, 4 ring pullups, 6 ring dips (2,4,6)....3 HSPU's etc etc until you get to the top of the pyramid and are perfomring 6 HSPU's, 12 ring pullups,and 18 ring dips (6.12.18)....then come back down again until you finish with 1 HSPU,2 ring pullups, and 3 ring dips.

Another way to look at it:

HSPU's Ring pullups Ring dips
1 2 3
2 4 6
3 6 9
4 8 12
5 10 15
6 12 18
5 10 15
4 8 12
3 6 9
2 4 6
1 2 3

Like i said, any combo on exercises/body parts can be put together....its super super hard as you have zero rest between movements, so the whole pyramid should be done pretty quickly. you can do 2 pyramids in one workout, or alternate between 2 or 3 diff pyramids each time you come in.

Also, after about 3-6 weeks, swap things about so (using the above pyramid as an example), ring dips go at the bottom (lowest number of reps), HSPU go in the middle, and ring pullups go at the top. Its also easy to ad weight to things like the ring dips etc if there getting too easy. this can also be used if you wanna throw in a lower body move aswell.

Very good when things like squats are added in etc.

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