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Author Topic: The Week in Quotes: July 5th - 11th  (Read 479 times)
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FIST-ta-CUFF Radio

« on: July 13, 2009, 12:07:21 PM »


"Talk all the [expletive] you want now." - UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar, letting Frank Mir know how he feels after finishing him in the second round of their fight at UFC 100. (Cage Writer)

"Frank Mir had a horseshoe up his [expletive]. I told him a year ago. I pulled it out of him and I beat him over the head with it." - Lesnar. I'm not sure what would be worse: a horseshoe lodged in my anal cavity or Brock having back control on me.

"I'm going to drink a Coors Light. That's right a Coors. Bud Light don't pay me nothing." - Lesnar, who later recanted at the post-fight press conference.  Dana announced that Lesnar will fight a Clydesdale at the December super show.

"You guys ask me all the time, 'Is there anything I can drag over from WWE?' I guess you've seen a little bit of it tonight." - Lesnar, during his apology at the presser.  In addition to getting in Mir's face and figuratively pissing on the UFC's biggest sponsor, Lesnar gave the Las Vegas crowd an extended double bird.  I'm buying his next pay-per-view twice as a result. (MMA Torch)

"Dana came back and we had a 'whip the dog' session and I screwed up and I apologized." - Lesnar.  "Whip the dog session?"  Sounds sexy.


"I didnít have any respect for Randy, I didnít have any respect for Heath, I donít have any respect for Frank." - Lesnar

"I donít know how many times I had to tap his leg." - Lesnar, while watching the first bout with Frank Mir at UFC 81. (MMA Fanhouse)

"Iíd like to punch his fucking mustache right off his face." - Lesnar, on Steve Mazzagatti's negligence during the first Mir fight.


"I believe I [shut him up] for a little while. I donít know if heíll ever shut his mouth completely, though." - Former Pride middle- and welterweight champ Dan Henderson, on knocking out Michael Bisping at UFC 100.  Henderson KO'd Bisping with a right hand and proceeded to followup with a bomb on the floor. (The Sun)

"I know if a guy is out. I tend to stop. I knew I hit him out. I think that last one was just to shut him up a little bit." - Henderson, who's actions are now being perceived as "bad for the sport."

"He hit like a bitch." - Henderson (Watch Kalib Run)


"I mean, I guess anything is possible." - Black House manager Ed Soares, when asked about a potential cross-division super fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre. St. Pierre also didn't sound too confident of the bout taking place. (MMA Fanhouse)

"Anything can happen, but I think that's a tough fight for GSP, man." - Soares.  If GSP was carrying around a brick with Serra's name tape onto it leading up to UFC 83, would he have to carry a small house to prepare for a Silva fight?


"Brock went so far over the top, I canít even put it into words." - UFC President Dana White, none too pleased about champion Brock Lesnar's antics at UFC 100. (Sherdog)

"We talked like men, and he said he was sorry." - White.  What happened to "whip the dog?"

"Eventually, Fedorís going to be here. I want Fedor. I want him to come to the UFC and everything else." - White.  His tune will change in two months when Finkie and co. give him the runaround. (MMA Junkie)

"Porn is on pay per view, but UFC was not allowed on pay per view." - White, discussing the UFC's "dark ages." (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

"The only thing that's holding this business back right now, the reason we're not growing faster than we already are, is because there's not enough time in the day, and other people have to sleep." - White.  Yeah, that whole sleeping and eating this is a real drag. (


"Brock Lesnar? Been there, done that. Bring him on. St-Pierre? Iím a prize fighter. Put me in any card and Iíll sell it out." - MMA legend Royce Gracie, apparently doesn't mind getting beat up for money. (LA Times)

"I would think Mir would still try to get it to the ground. Get him out of position, get him over-aggressive. As he has a tendency to do and find a way to submit him again." - Former UFC heavyweight champ Randy Couture, speculating on Frank Mir's best strategy going into UFC 100. "Being a punching bag" didn't exactly work out in practice. (Cage Writer)

"I'd love to be a Cheick Kongo looking brother that could actually move and do a lot of funky stuff - Jiu Jitsu, takedowns, kicks and stuff." - Jon Jones. Such an awesome unintentional insult. (MMA Bay)

"The training's going great for UFC 101. I'm making sure not to overtrain." - UFC lightweight champ B.J. Penn.  Words fail me. (Around Hawaii)

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