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Olympia: ISS - Oh Yeah!
« on: September 03, 2009, 12:45:47 PM »

Oh Yeah Drinks are doing very well out here, and they come in 14oz bottles and 8oz bottles.  Plus also their famous bars are doing well...

For the Olympia, they have revamped their booth, and except some new surprises...

Olympia Oh Yeah! Girls

ISS Research has some of the best tasting products in the industry. Every bodybuilding/fitness show I find myself walking by their booth several times for their OhYeah! bars. I’m sure this year’s Olympia will be no different.

The Olympia Expo (September 25-26th) features a number of hardbodies at a variety of booths and ISS Research has announced their line-up for the big event. If you’re attending the expo, check out the OhYeah! Girls representing in Las Vegas.

The line-up features:
• Brooke Johnson
• Lori Harder
• Janelle Nicolo
• Sonya Vecchiarelli
• Cristin Kiberz
• Kimberly Kimble

Tell them you sent ya and let us know what you think of their products.