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Author Topic: about last years Olympia  (Read 378 times)
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« on: September 29, 2009, 08:34:00 AM »

this is what i said last year:

Just to add to what you said … silvio has a balance issue … he is definitely peeled to the bone …  but his leg are overpowering his upper body even though he lost some leg size …

Jay is definitely going wrong with the blood type diet … which I still don’t understand how “Supposedly” smart people in the world of contest prep get convinced with that … to me still his ironman 03 was the best shape … might be the lighting but even in 03 olympia he looked very good … but that year Ronnie was just dominant … 2 weeks out of the ASC04 he looked phenomenal and I thought he might get it right this time … but no … I think he over dieted … cause 2 weex out he looked better than 01 … just needed to drop some water … after that point he changed his training routine and went more to more of a Ronnie approach as far as intervals, reps and splits were concerned … in 01 he had a very weak back  which he managed to improve a bit (width and thickness) but again he can’t change the shape of his back lines and details … so no matter what he does he can’t match Coleman or Yates

I think everyone was expecting too much from Wolf/chad … might be that what they did didn’t work or that Ronnie and flex was just too gifted that any diet would have worked and didn’t need anything besides basic for contest prep instruction … which a lot of guys are lacking these days and this is why I think that bodies don’t look like before … everyone know that you have to stop most supplements (or even all, specially Protein Powder) a week out or more … yet you see top 10 guys using protein powder 1 day out … even if a guy looks good … some Olympia runner-ups use to drink regular Pepsi before getting on stage … which is wrong (do u think you will fill with Fructose??) + carbonated water … y would u do that … but they looked good enough to be a runner up … so other might think that is the right way … where if you know how the body and each nutrient work in it you would know that it is a very bad choice (so is ice cream)

I do agree that phil has a narrow structure … but if he is the best and the guys with broad shoulders cant out muscle him or match his condition … why would you place him behind the wide guy and blame it on him being narrow … if you had a guy similar to phil (muscularity, condition and symmetry) and had a broader shoulder than ok … so to me for phil anything less than 2nd place was an upset … and guess what … I was upset … haters would have complained if he had won … but guess what … so did they when Ronnie and dorian won so many times … to me ronnie and dorian deserved all the Olympia that they won (94 might be controversial but either way it was fare to some extend) and I think coleman should have won in 06

Victor and kai would have definitely been in the top 6 … victor could have won this year if he should up like last year … and I think he will win it next year

that's my 2 cents ... if it makes any sense
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