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Author Topic: Weird article (heavy S/M (outed))  (Read 880 times)
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« on: October 26, 2009, 06:16:06 AM »

"About two months had passed and Bob decided it was time for me to max out on the deadlift. After a workout, he loaded the bar with 405 lbs and told me to pull it. At the time, I wasn’t capable of a 300 lb pull so I approached the bar and gave it a half-assed try knowing that I couldn’t do it. Bob ran over and started screaming at me using names like “p*ssy” and “c**t.” So I tried again, and of course, the bar didn’t budge.

After five tries, Bob came running toward me. He kicked me in the leg, knocking me down, but not before landing an open hand slap across my head as I fell. He screamed, “You’re a pussy, and you will never be shit!” He then grabbed my coat, took out my car keys, and jumped in MY car. He drove to his house leaving me stranded at the gym. His house was four miles away, and if you’ve ever been to Maine, you know that the winter nights are brutally cold. Here I was with a sweaty T-shirt and a light coat walking to Bob’s house to get MY car. When I finally got there, my car was parked in his driveway with the keys in it. I sheepishly drove home."

"I was at Body Dynamics for about three months when one day I was squatting by myself in the corner. Jay was doing chest on the other side of the gym. I had worked up to three plates and wasn’t using any collars on the bar. As I stepped back, the plates started sliding off the bar, the bar started teeter-tottering, and the plates began falling. As each plate hit the ground, my face got redder and redder. I just hoped that Jay wouldn’t notice. As I replaced the empty bar on the rack, I heard Jay bellow from the corner of the gym, “Get out of my gym you geek.” Heartbreaking."
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