Author Topic: 2010 NPC Desert Muscle Classic in Tucson: Results  (Read 8456 times)


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2010 NPC Desert Muscle Classic in Tucson: Results
« on: February 05, 2010, 05:12:09 PM »

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) Ė  For the first time, a National Physique Committee national qualifier will be held in Tucson.  Bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitors from all over the United States and Mexico will be here for the Desert Muscle Classic.

For this week's Fitness Friday, the organizer told us what it takes to compete at this level and why he chose Tucson's Fox Theatre as the venue.

Stryker Salman is the competitive bodybuilder, turned show promoter who is bringing the Desert Muscle Classic to Tucson.

When getting ready for a show, he trains just about every day.  However, that is nothing compared to what his diet is like in the months leading up to a show.

When he starts his contest preparation, he eats only chicken and a cup of rice for the first four weeks.

"So, I probably eat 15 to 20 chicken breasts a day," Salman said.

For the next four weeks, he replaces chicken with white fish.

"Dinner fish, midnight snack fish, dessert fish, fish," Salman said.

When you show up on stage, it makes it all worth it, Salman said.

"It's a lifestyle, it is something you gotta want, how bad do you want it," Salman said.

Now, Tucson's historic Fox Theatre has been selected to be the focal point for a group of about 150 larger than life competitors.

"The moment I walked through the doors, I'm like this is it," Salman said.

For a place to make history, he said he wouldn't have it at any other place.

"The nostalgia, the feeling, the whole atmosphere, it starts from inside," Salman said about the theatre.

The Desert Muscle Classic is Saturday, Feb. 6th.  2009 Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler and IFBB Pro Gayle Moher will be guest posing. The pre-judging morning show is at 10:00 and the evening show is at 6:00  at the Fox Theatre. Visit the attached link for more information.

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Re: 2010 NPC Desert Muscle Classic in Tucson
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2010, 02:21:48 PM »
Looks like a great show and who better to run a show than a competitor,just look at the Arnold.


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Re: 2010 NPC Desert Muscle Classic in Tucson
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2010, 12:49:36 PM »
Results from

The first NPC show is in the books and Iím told it was a well run event by several people.  Check out the results from the 2010 NPC Desert Muscle Classic. Thanks to Danielle Bejarano and Nichole Guenther for the assist in providing the results.

Results from the NPC Desert Muscle Classic
02/06/10 Ė Tucson, Arizona
(#) Ė Competitor numbers

Figure Junior Master
1st: Naomi Katillic (9)
2nd: Piper Mcwhorter (18)
3rd: Jennifer Esp (14)

Figure Masters
1st: Jennifer Nixon (8)
2nd: Jan Froeschle (13)
3rd: Nancy Davis (4)
4th: Karaleen Mcmillian (19)

Figure A
1st: Jennifer Nixon (8)
2nd: Chiristina Hills (10)
3rd: Naomi Kastelic (9)

Figure B
1st: Lara Abend (12) **OVERALL WINNER
2nd: Jan Froeschle (13)
3rd: Nancy Davis (4)
4th: Natalie Budak (15)
5th: Kyla Rojas

Figure C
1st: Jennifer Esp (14)

Figure D
1st: Piper McWhorter (18)
2nd: Ashley Pecchia (16)
3rd: Karaleen McMillian (19)
4th: Jennifer Lawicki (17)

Bikini Teen
1st: Elle DeLallo (20)

Bikini A
1st: Elle DeLallo (20)
2nd: Mandie Taketa (25)
3rd: Roxanna Wood (23)
4th: Carreen Berry
5th: Joni Johnson
6th: Nikita Thiphaseng (26)
7th: Dove Crawford (21)

Bikini B
1st: Jennifer Lopez (29)
2nd: Theresa Orsini (28)
3rd: Antionette Soto (27)

Bikini C
1st: Kim Hills (30)
2nd: Codou Morris (32)
3rd: Kelli DiPatrizo (31)

Womenís Open Light Weight
1st: Kate Warren (3)
2nd: Tracy Thompson (2)

Womenís Open Middle Weight
1st: Lucy Jenkins (6) **OVERALL WINNER
2nd: Nancy Davis (4)
3rd: Eileen Thomas (5)

Women Open Heavy Weight
1st: Carol Francois (7)

Menís Open Light Weight
1st: Phillip Ruiz (1)

Menís Open Middle Weight
1st: Mike Gustavson (36)
2nd: A. Jason Ruffus (43)
3rd: Richard Weed (37)
4th: Mike Young (41)
5th: Arsenio Cabrales

Menís Open Light Heavy Weight
1st: Jamie Bernau (33)

Menís Heavy Weight
1st: Jimmy Ingbretson (35)
2nd: Jason Ruiz (44)

Menís Super Heavy Weight
1st: Ryan Foxx (45) **OVERALL WINNER