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Author Topic: Tory Burch sale Q275 steel with the properties of controlled cooling _600  (Read 1842 times)
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Q275 steel and properties of controlled cooling
And put into use. The production line using roller hearth electric resistance furnace, power of 300kW. Feeding, discharging and water-ling was carried out both in the rollers, steel production as a single continuous heating and cooling. Productivity 9OOkg / h, the annual production capacity of 5400t. Production process: one to heat a water jet cutting is a blank Ling Ling, a support system to do. The specific process for the Q275 steel is: 870 ℃ × 22ram heating, cooling spray to, '200 tons of steel in the production of the mechanical properties of the random sampling test, in which tensile test specimens taken 34, 28 impact test samples, test results in Table 3. Table 3 shows, Q275 steel by controlled hot and cold mine after, ao by the hot rolling of ≥ 275MPa increased to ≥ 430MPa, 85 ≥ 18, compared with the standard hot rolling ≥ 19 decreased slightly,Wholesale Puma Shoes, nu ≥ 65J/cm also meets the requirement. The overall performance of steel bending tests showed that after the controlled cooling steel mining increased the overall carrying capacity of 4o ~ 5o; by a steel frame made of metal ore bearing tests prove that the whole frame, the controlled cooling of the ultimate bearing capacity after the stent to improve 3O ~ 4O, see the technical effect is very clear the use of controlled cooling technology, eliminating the high-temperature tempering, making the heat energy consumption and costs. The actual measurement of the heat energy production ≤ 300kW · h / t,Tory Burch sale, by heat treatment as measured Ge Chang Feng Yuan in the i00 / t, about steel price (1700 yuan / t) of 6 or so. Above that control hot and cold steel handle mine the economic and social benefits are considerable. IV Conclusion (1) Q275 steel after controlled cooling heat treatment,uggs kopen, mechanical properties of yield strength of test results declined 3? (MPa) t (MPa) Xin 5 () bleed at the nose u (J, cm0) falling into the standard plastic steel Wang average standard standard deviation mean ± standard deviation plastic Da standard deviation ounces Q2752722.72.09l8675 ~ 76518 ~ 2765 ~ 140 - degree can increase more than 5o, elongation and impact toughness at room temperature in line with requirements. (2) Q275 steel reinforced control mechanism of the cold: Qu light volume increased refinement of ferrite, ferrite and pearlite dislocation density refinement (3) control-ling process parameters should be controlled to avoid coarse organization. (4) Q275 steel in a small amount of controlled cooling is the second widmanstatten ferrite did not reduce the plasticity and impact toughness of steel, so the premise of controlling grain size, a small amount of discretion allowed the emergence Widmanstatten . ● BIBLIOGRAP an orderly scene where respect of Mechanical Engineering. 1965 (2): 332 Xia Jianguo and so on. Metal materials and thermal processing technology. 1983 (6), 24t3 Huang, etc. - is a dish of, 1987,puma futrue cat,26 (6): A2z34 gouge seam identity. Materials Science, 1986,22 (5). A448 (t-continued on page 9) Third, the conclusions (1) The original organization of laser hardening layer depth has a great influence. Original quenched state organizations with the greatest depth of hardening, quenching, tempering state, followed by annealing of the most shallow. Under the same conditions of laser processing parameters, the depth of hardened layer depends on the form of nuclear capability, the original organization. (2) The original organization was quenched when the crack is easy to produce laser quenching t it is not suitable for laser hardening of the pre-organization. Annealing as the original organization, the lower the hardness of the laser hardened, hardened layer shallow exploration degree, ineffective. Original organization as quenching, tempering state, could obtain more ideal laser hardened layer. (3) high-speed steel hardness of laser hardening layer and the relationship between tempering temperature and the same conventional quenching of laser hardened DA has a higher hardness o5 ~ 0 . F compared with the conventional heat treatment of laser hardening off the solid carbon and alloy oyster more competitive element, thereby increasing the La W6dS4V2 pounds of high-build silicon actinides. . '. '. . . |-l198 · ​​49 (6), 36343 Mengqing Jiang Qian. barrier is a University, 1983.16 (3) B994 Feng Xuefei and so on. dish is Science and Technology, 1986.5 (3), 365DyflonDI.Acg,ugg italia, KMetsl1, 1966.14 < 7): 667 ' 
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