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Author Topic: 7 Ways Bush Benefitted From 911  (Read 813 times)
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« on: November 10, 2010, 05:04:09 PM »

7 ways Bush benefited from 911

    * November 9th, 2010 3:16 am ET

Following G.W. Bush, his family and friends benefiting from 911 with continued impunity thanks to Barack Obama, Bush's memoir book tour is perfect opportunity for sign-carrying, pesky do-gooders who still believe in American values and Christian principles. such as "Thou shalt not kill," to get their message across: "Indict the war criminal." That is what is planned by these scary terrorists, the kind the FBI is after of late, raiding their homes with SWAT teams in early hours and such, as though the US had turned into a fascist state.

Ray McGovern says Bush's book is presented for him to resurrect popularity. But would his plan stand a chance if truth be known about who benefited most from 911 - or are Americans now so pacified and thus complicit, the Rothschild's finally have the whole world in their hands?

Bush boasts in his book that he responded to the CIA query about whether they should torture by saying, "Damn right!"

"For such a frank admission of high-level criminality, we can say, with ample justification, Shame on Bush," writes Ray McGovern in Common Dreams.

"But that shame also sticks like Saran wrap to the rest of us – and especially to the Fawning Corporate Media (FCM), which has soft-pedaled the significance of Bush’s confession, and to his make-nice successor, Barack Obama, who has refused to demand any accountability."

McGovern says "if we are still a democracy, we are all complicit."

"Bush has brought the issue of torture to a head. Shame on us all if we allow the recent history of waterboarding and other torture techniques to go unchallenged and to end up defining us."

If the reader is not ready to join the ranks of do-gooders who oppose illegal, amoral practices and believe in accountability, a recap of conspiracy facts in terms of who benefited from 911 might spark a buried desire to take action for good over evil.

Cui bono

America's increased practice of torture was sold to the citizenry by intertwining it with a notion that post-911, everyone in the world not with Big Oil Bush, family and friends deserved torture, despite it being illegal and amoral plus it is proven to cause terrorist acts against the US.

Standard criminal investigation protocol includes seeking who benefited. (What kind of American would not want to know who benefited from 911?) A succinct summary of who has and is benefiting from the 911 New York City mass murder is provided in Upswing's October 18 Newsvine article, Did the Bush Crime Family Benefit Most From the Failed 9/11 Attacks?

As have countless others who maintain critical thinking ability, Upswing says the most rediculous of all 911 theories "is the ridiculous official Boxcutter Conspiracy Theory offered to explain the events of 9/11 -- you know, 15, 19 or whatever number of Arabs in a cave outsmarting and debilitating the entire US military and intelligence structure."

At least one-third of American adults no longer believe Bush's fabricated 911 boxcutter theory, again thanks to  those dangerous sorts (to criminals) who tell the truth and rallied behind the 911 Truth Movement. Bush's official investigative commission have even rejected their own report as "almost entirely untrue."  But this has not been enough for Americans to hold accountable the man in charge at the time, the man that ordered the commission to lie to get the ball rolling for a bonanza at the expense of Americans and indeed, humanity.

7 ways the Bush crime family and friends benefited directly from 9/11 events as per Upswing

1. Saddam Hussein was removed as an obstacle to the oil industry, which the Bush crime family is heavily invested in, getting control of Iraq's "suddenly uprated" oil supplies.

2. The demolition of WTC7, which was executed under cover of the attacks, meant that records supporting the SEC's case against Enron, which Bush's longstanding friendship with Enron CEO Ken Lay left him susceptible to was, in an instant, vaporized.

3. CIA records, which could easily have included the G.H. W. Bush's longstanding covert CIA activities were, similarly, vaporized in an instant.

4. Bush was able to begin what is now known to be an illegal war against Iraq, in which he not only got access to Iraq's oilfields, but that Cheney's KBR and Halliburton scammed billions of dollars by allegedly "rebuilding" it.

5. The illegal invasion of Iraq also allowed Cheney's companies to make billions of dollars by "supporting" the US and allied militaries. (Some of that "support," of course, included poisoning and electrocuting US warriors.)

6. Bush got to implement the PATRIOT Act, which gave him an extraordinary amount of personal control by fiat over the country's society, commerce and economy.

7. Bush's War on Terror scared people into re-electing him for a second term.

Dave Lindorff and constitutional rights specialist Barbara Olshansky, in their book, The Case for Impeachment, explain why G.W. Bush and his inner circle must be held accountable for high crimes and misdemeanors (instead of falling for more of his evil by supporting his book tour). Among most grievous harms they list are:

• Misleading the nation into war
• Authorizing and encouraging the use of torture
• Failing in almost every way to defend the homeland and our borders
• Undermining habeas corpus and other traditional rights
• Illegal NSA wiretapping, mail opening, and other assaults on the Bill of Rights
• The catastrophic federal failure to respond to Hurricane Katrina

Of course, Bush and Co. now extends to Obama and his criminal cronies. Lindorff states in his Counterpunch article the Case for the Impeachment of Barack Obama:

"[C]riminal and Constitutional transgressions makes it clear that this president, like his predecessor, has, almost since his first day in office, continued down a road of criminal and unconstitutional behavior that threatens the survival of Constitutional government in the United States."

Taking the 911 lies and subsequent war crimes even further, Obama appointed Cass Sunstein administrator of Office of information and Regulatory Affairs. Sunstein, with his cognitive infiltration of human rights truth groups, targeted 911 Truth folks because the public knowing truth and exposure spoils everything for criminals. (Cognitive Infiltration, An Obama Appointee's Plan to Undermine The 911 Conspiracy Theory, David Ray Griffin, Olive Branch Press, Northampton, Mass. 2011)

Leaders with war crime blood on their hands -- blood of the tortured and murdered neighbors overseas; blood of the internally bleeding and dying plus the 20-40 million directly poisoned from the Gulf Operation; blood of some of the reader's neighbors covertly targeted -- can be ignored only at the peril of all Americans, regardless of origin, color, religion and political party. But such peril is bearing down on the nation that once stood for values respected globally. The once great nation is pacified, even with news about its leaders' and its own citizenry's complicity in war crimes. McGovern writes:

"By and large, the “so-what” yawns that have greeted the initial reporting on torture is further testimony to the sorry fact that raw fear can lead to the forfeiture of the ability of Americans to distinguish between right and wrong — even regarding heinous offenses like torture. Sadly, this is made all the easier by the craven silence of the institutional churches and synagogues which, with very few exceptions, cannot find their voice — just as the Catholic and Lutheran churches could not find theirs during the Thirties in Germany.

Behind the stained glass, the end can now be subtly seen to justify the means, if that’s what it takes to head off contentiousness in the church community and keep pews and collection plates full. Anything goes; whatever is necessary to “keep us safe” is the mantra.

If a rare (prophetic) voice does enter the dialogue with a reminder that many of the prophets, including Jesus of Nazareth, were tortured to death, that voice is quickly silenced. Can’t you see? This is different; the terrorists hate us and are out to kill the lot of us."

Bush's book tour for Americans can be likened to sponging vinegar on the face of Jesus when he was thirsty on the cross. Some Americans are determined to peacefully prevent such mockery.

They are members of the movement, Indict Bush Now.

Indict Bush Now members believe Bush's benefits from the blood of humanity are criminal and that his aim to benefit more from his book is obscene. Watch for Indict Bush Now signs at Bush's book tour venues. Better yet, join them and in so doing, help restore human rights within the US and globally.
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