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Author Topic: The Real Lee Harvey Oswald  (Read 590 times)
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The Real Lee Harvey Oswald

November 18, 2010
A remarkable new book sheds startling light on Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK assassination Nov 22, 1963.

The book is  "Lee and Me: How I came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald"  by Oswald's girlfriend, Judyth Vary Baker.
Once you read it, you'll never think of Oswald the same way. Far from an assassin,  he sacrificed his life trying to protect the President: a President who tried to break free from the grip of the Illuminati.
Judyth Vary had a dream, to find a cure for cancer.  So when other kids in high school were going out for sports and cheer leading, she honed her biology skills with the help of a dedicated teacher.   Her research won her state-wide prizes and offers of prestigious scholarships.
It also brought her into contact with Dr. Alton Ochsner, head of the Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans. Unknown to Baker, Ochsner was working with the CIA on a plan to kill Castro. The plan was to develop a "galloping" cancer virus that would kill its victim within weeks. Under the guise of medical treatment, it would be injected into Castro.

In the spring of 1963 Judyth was in college, hoping to go on to medical school. Dr. Ochsner  invited her to work at his clinic under his assistant Dr. Mary Sherman. In the fall, she could go to Tulane Medical School, and her tuition paid in full.
She arrived in New Orleans in April 1963, alone and poor, but with high hopes.  It was then that -- seemingly by accident -- she met a young man named Lee Oswald, who was able to help her.

It's clear in retrospect that it was no accident. Oswald, a low-level asset of the intelligence community, had been assigned to contact her and to be her "control."
Once Judyth started working for Dr. Sherman, she learned she was part of the covert government program aimed at killing Castro.
By then she was emotionally dependent on Lee. They had much in common and soon their friendship turned into a love affair.
Oswald confided to her that he worked for U.S. intelligence. He was in New Orleans for the summer to pretend to be a pro-Castro activist, in order to gain credibility with the Cuban government.
He was part of the plan to assassinate Castro. His job would be to "defect" again, this time to Cuba, and take the fast-acting cancer cells with him. Once there, he would make contact with someone who would pass them on to a doctor who treated Castro.
All that summer the covert project went forward. Much of the work was done not at the Ochsner Clinic but at the apartment of a strange man named David Ferrie. Like Oswald, he was an intelligence asset working in the anti-Castro cause.
Through Ferrie and Oswald, Judyth got to meet many other strange people. including Jack Rubenstein ( aka Jack Ruby. )
By the end of the summer, they had developed a strain of "galloping" cancer and had tested it on monkeys as well as mice. All that remained was to test it on humans.
Judyth was told it would be tested on a terminally ill volunteer. But later she learned he was a healthy man, a mental patient who had no idea what would happen to him. He was injected with the virus and rapidly died. Judyth suspected there were others like him.
She was sickened. This was murder, not medicine. But summer was over and so was her part in the project. Oswald would now leave for Mexico, to make arrangements for carrying the cancer cells to Cuba. But instead of things coming to a close, they began to unravel.
Oswald became convinced that behind the plan to assassinate Castro was a plot to assassinate President Kennedy, a man he admired. He also realized his role in New Orleans -- pretending to be pro-Castro -- could set him up to be a patsy.
While he was in Mexico, he and Judyth remained in contact, through an elaborate phone arrangement with David Ferrie. When his mission fell through for mysterious reasons, Oswald became more convinced than ever that there was an anti-Kennedy plot.
He talked of divorcing Marina; he and Judyth would marry and live in Mexico once all this was over. But it was a forlorn hope. Oswald said he could not leave yet; he had to go on, in the hope that he could protect the President.
The rest is history. It's possible that Oswald was able to thwart an assassination planned to take place in Chicago, but in Dallas the story was different. When Kennedy was killed, Oswald was arrested almost immediately.
Denied a lawyer, held incommunicado except when he was moved from one location to another, he was shot by Ruby, the friend he had known since he was a boy. He was the first person to die live on TV. Judyth was watching.
She got a call from Ferrie. He told her to lie low, to be "a vanilla girl." She must forget about a career in science. Her name must never appear in the newspapers. With luck, she would escape with her life. We must never speak to each other again, he said, and hung up.
A few months later, Dr. Mary Sherman was brutally murdered in her apartment, the day before she was scheduled to appear before the Warren Commission. The case was never solved.
Shortly after Jack Ruby won AN appeal for a retrial, he came down with cancer. He said he had recently been injected with something by the prison doctor. He was dead within weeks.
The next month -- just days after Jim Garrison's investigation was announced in the New Orleans papers -- Ferrie was found dead in his apartment. Also found were two different suicide notes, both typed, both unsigned.
Alton Ochsner, a man of strong convictions and perhaps an equally strong willingness to sacrifice others for them, died full of honors, in 1981, at the age of 85.
Judyth Vary Baker followed Ferrie's advice. She lay low. She stayed silent. She gave up any hope of a medical career. She raised a family and never told anyone about Lee or her life in New Orleans, until after her youngest daughter had married.
Her book, which is exhaustively documented and filled with fascinating detail, is unsparingly honest about herself and free of rancor or blame. She now lives (some say) somewhere in Scandinavia.

The world has been turned upside down. Good men are called assassins and murdered while the real assassins bask in glory.

Baker tells her story in this YouTube  video.
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