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Author Topic: stivali ugg Precision current with sodium chlorate as oxidant titration Iridium  (Read 1233 times)
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Precision current with the titration of sodium chlorate as oxidant Iridium
Glass tube to a sealed tube dissolving. Open tube,stivali ugg, the solution is not concentrated Zhao, transferred to 100ml volumetric flask, ~ 130m, hydrochloric acid, cooled to room Ju, diluted with water to a quiet level, shake. . Accurate extraction 15ml test solution (Pt ~ 25h extraction 10m1) in the 100ml graduated cylinder,uggs nederland, add 8ml hydrochloric acid,giubbotti moncler, 5ml1: l sulfuric acid ', diluted with water to 30ml. Following Ibid. Titration, the first rejection pipette add 20. OOmI titer of about 0.22ragIr/ml given ferrous sulfate solution disgrace, and then dump full of micro burette, records titrant volume and the corresponding current value, with titration solution (ml) of the current (cell) mapping requirements end. Various brands of Rh ~ Ir alloys with reference to the operation. Synthesis of 4,3 t like Yuan sample analysis and relaxation by Pt ~ Ir - Ir base station components,wholesale PUMA, Zhai system synthesis of various units like boxes, I set the results of former times,Moncler jackets sale, the relative error is <0.1. The relative error of the test results are all <0.1. L} again real sample analysis results are shown in Table 2 the standard deviation S: o, 00025, the relative standard deviation CY =. 0.099 gold hunting in your analysis of real samples in Table 2 (combined box) Table2Resultsofdetermina tionfor1) t ~ 2Iralloy F. References E. amisit, J. C. Van [oo ~, Ana [ysisofNobleMc 【als, l977. l7t race Qilong, iridium iridium Iridium voice Ang Lee set a Institute of Precious Metals, iridium and rhodium plate for a special report of precision amps Exile empty, l967 year (internal data) Soviet standards r0CTj2559. A 8z j GBt485-1O of a national standard 79, the ometrictitrationwithNaCI O3asoxidizerispresented. Theeffectsofcondi-tlonsofoxidation, amountofNaCIOaandacidity onthedeterminationofirid iumistadied.Theanalysiso firidiumiaPt-IrandRb-Iralloysindicatedthattherelativeerroris0.1.SubjectwordsIridium, Amperometrictitration, Alloyanalysis (on the next page 64) StandardsforBondingGoldW ireandTheirDevelopmentZh ouXinming (InstituleofPreciousMetal s, Kunming, 650221) AbstractThesupplent, perfectionandevolutionfo rgoldwirestandardsinrece nt20years, andtheirrelationshipwith themanufactureandstudies ofgoldwirearedescribedoi lthebasisofASTMgoldwires tandards.Thedevelopmento fgoldwirestandardsinChin airiefintroduced.Subject wordsGoh1.MetalwinStanda l 'dization, Advancement
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