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Author Topic: Wrestlemania 27 review by Dailyskew sports column...truth be told...  (Read 1102 times)
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« on: April 05, 2011, 09:41:06 AM »

"Wrestlemania 27 Review: It really came down to the two big matches. The best match of the evening was The Undertaker vs Triple H. The in-ring drama made it so it was like an old western shootout where both cowboys die at the end. But thankfully The Undertaker made HHH tap out. Both men predictably were brutal and kicked out of each otherís finishing maneuvers multiple times. This was not as good as Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels I or II, but still entertaining.

On the other hand, the main event between World Champion The Miz and challenger John Cena was ruined by the fans once again. The fans stomped all over John Cena on a PPV. I thought Cena was finally gaining more support in recent months, but when push came to shove, the fans cheered The Miz over him.

Let me back up a bit. Dwayne Johnson was just doing brief comedy skits during WrestleMania 27, and wasnít mentioned when the main event started. I thought he would have a bigger role. So that was a let down.

The Miz is a straight heel- heís cocky, arrogant, has a MTV background, and cheats to win. He had illegally won the belt and just barely survived his matches to retain the title, kinda like The Honky Tonk Man, but with better skills.

Every PPV I saw, the fans boo John Cena. Itís the men, yes, but male voices are louder than females and kids. The men wind up pissing all over Cenaís big events. However since Cena has really been working on his reputation and even acknowledged this phenomena, I figured he would catch a break in this match and get cheered.

I figured that since The Rock was out of the picture and The Miz is a villain, the fans wanted to see John Cena win the belt back. THE GOOD GUY HAS ALWAYS WON THE WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT. There was a ZERO PERCENT CHANCE The Miz walks home with the belt.

So, to prevent the fans from booing John Cena, Vince McMahon had an awesome DMX voice over showing how hard John Cena works and how spiritual he is. Vince hired an all-black Atlanta gospel choir to sing Cenaís theme song. It was very moving. McMahon figured that the Southern Atlanta folks at Wrestlemania would appreciate the God angle. You canít boo God, right? Unfortunately, it was at the wrong place and the wrong time- most of the Georgia rassliní fans were WHITE and didnít want to listen to DMX or gospel songs supporting Cena [Just telling it like it is, okay?]

Sure enough as soon as the choir stopped, the fans booíed them. How embarrassing. Out comes Cena, and I see that the fans took The Mizís side. Holy cow.

The match itself is OK, I guess. The fans were once again not cooperating with Cenaís push. Cena is a babyface and this was his revenge match, and the fans spit all over it. They totally supported The Miz.

Again, Cena has been in eight WrestleManias and heís used to it, but I have to think that Vince McMahon may be getting tired of pushing Cena down our throats at this point. Or not. Vince is stubborn. Cena was the first superstar that we didnít accept as champion.

Things got better at the end, when Cena did a running punch on The Miz on the outside. And then he speared him. And then the unthinkable happened: the referee counted them both out and ended it as a draw. The fans were dead silent; Wrestlemanias donít end in draws; they end with the babyface celebrating with the title.

However, when the ring announcer said that The Miz keeps the title on a draw, the fans actually cheered. Thatís how bad the state of the WWE is, with Cena as the top draw.

BUT WAIT, The Rockís music hits. He gives a fantastic speech. He restarts the match with no DQ and no countout so the fans can see a winner. Before leaving the ring, he gets his measure of revenge by laying the smackdown on John Cenaís candy ass before he leaves the ring.

The Miz pins him, and retains his title!

And the fans go crazy and cheer.

Of course, The Rock re-enters the ring and beats up The Miz to the fans joy.

In other words, The Rock stole the show and the thunder of The Miz and totally humiliated John Cena in the process.

And thatís what the fans wanted to see.

Cenaís a trooper and went along with it. Hulk Hogan would never do that, and the fact is Hogan was never booed like that during his original WWF runs. When Hogan fought Roddy Piper, Paul Ordorff, Andre the Giant, and even another babyface in the Ultimate Warrior, he was never BOOíED by the fans.

John Cena truly does suck.

The Rock was too popular here. Is it a one-shot nostalgia act or is Vince booking a match between them? I doubt The Rock would want to turn on Cena and job to him to give him the huge rub, but that would be the only fair thing to do. The problem with that is even if The Rock turned on Cena real bad and cursed out the fans and pushed his Hollywood nonsense they would still cheer him and boo Cena if they had a match."

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