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Author Topic: The Oracle Speaks  (Read 5307 times)
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Here's looking at you kid!

« Reply #25 on: May 18, 2012, 02:54:48 PM »

We're all adults here. Maybe you need to let people make up their own minds, rather than go to such herculean efforts to assassinate my character and paint me as the scammer. This from a guy who offered to sell me 100,000 oz of gold for $10 / oz.  That's rich! Roll Eyes

I'm not the one telling people how they should invest; I want people to make up their own minds. I'm just calling you out on the bullshit you post. I'm sorry this upsets you. Roll Eyes

And let's be clear: I didn't offer to sell you 100,000 ounces of gold for $10/oz. I offered to sell you a legally binding futures contract, that would allow you to receive a fixed amount of gold from me if certain conditions were met. I'm still willing to do so, and that you refuse to take me up on this says a lot more about you.

I don't sell gold, I acquire it. This thread is about Warren Buffet's & Charlie Munger's dirty little tirade, you're the one who is trying to take it off-topic. If ignoring something is difficult for you? I would think it would take far less effort to ignore a poster than it would to reply to every post they made. no? In fact, I'm going to test that theory out.

Ignoring you isn't the problem. I shouldn't have to do so in the first place, but since you're here, spamming us, you can't expect to not be called out on the bullshit you peddle. Don't be upset because I call you out for what you do.

OK, we'll just ignore & forget about Howard's economic thread that was recently stickied, or the 4+ yrs long 401K thread posted by Neuro, ...and we'll simply ignore the E-board, the General, and the Pet board, and the multitude of boards and topics that have absolutely nothing to do with bodybuilding because your ADD has kicked in and you don't want to simply ignore a thread. gotcha.

If I visited those boards and saw people peddle bullshit and snake oil there, I'd call them out as well.

I'm not using any word play at all. You're the 3-card monte dealer around here.

I'm not the one peddling gold in plastic cards and offering people to help them fill out the forms correctly...

I get it. You don't see it. That's been pretty clear all along. That's cool. Not everybody does. You're free to do what you want to do.

I don't see the need to buy gold at $1,700/oz, you're right. And I certainly don't see the need to buy gold in a niche plastic packaging or anything other than the standard form of bars and coins. And I certainly don't need to buy it from a company whose marketing strategy seems to be to send out "affiliates" to spam Internet fora.

People, for the time being, are still free to do what they want to do. Or is that the real problem? The fact that gold ownership prevents a total dependence on government.

A government could confiscate gold, with a "legal sanction" and under the color of authority. This isn't anything that governments haven't done in the past. So, the notion that it prevents a total dependence on/from the government has been conclusively proven to be a falsehood.

That must be a bone of contention for you. In fact, it must be a real sore spot. An Always Sore spot from my POV. People are still relatively free to seek out factual information. It would be nice if they had the luxury of seeing the facts, without irrelevant, desperate old men selling their souls to save a mountain of paper. I suppose when one is staring mortality in the face, you don't have to think of the generations to come.

I have no problem with seeking out factual information, but that's not what you're offering because you aren't offering facts. You're offering conjectures, marketing platitudes and plastic cards with gold flakes for a ridiculous markup over spot.

Do you think maybe Satan promised him his youth back?

Sorry, I don't believe in the supernatural anymore than I believe that you are getting gold for free.
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