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Author Topic: Why libs are so mad about American Sniper's success-great article  (Read 1378 times)
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« Reply #150 on: Today at 04:17:01 PM »

there is so much wrong with it i dont even know where to start. it is incredibly biased from the beginning. im not sure why he sees this movie as 'competing with' Selma (other than at box office of course); no one is bashing Selma, the civil rights movement or King's message. it has absiolutely nothing to do with Sniper. both movies simply display heroism in different forms. this writer loses credibility when he spouts off popular but completely bs left wing talking points: '1/4 of women sexually assaulted at college'  Roll Eyes 'america is increasingly violent'  Roll Eyes (never mind that violent crime rates have been dropping steadily for almost 25 years) and other standard leftist bullshit.
he implies that Kyle should have not followed (Bush's) orders and should not have gone to Iraq and performed his military role; this shows laughably naive judgement and worldview; he also implies that Kyle was a racist murderer who killed Iraqis 'for fun', when instead he was a precision instrument who neutralized enemy combatants (most of whom were actually evil killers of civilians themselves)..its not like he was roaming the streets machine gunning civilians  Roll Eyes i could go on but i dont want to write a book here.

I've read it a couple of times and I don't see it as "incredibly biased" thought of course everyone has biases that form their opinion (including, obviously you and I).   

The comparison of the movies and the characters is perfectly apt.  First, as you pointed out they were released at the same time therefore were competing for audience.   More obviously, they both depicted individuals who many people consider to be American heros and both of whom had to display bravery in the face of violence.   

When I read this I don't see him trashing Kyle and I don't see hating America (unless you think we as a people are infallible and beyond any form of criticism or social commentary ) and I certainly don't see how you can claim this one persons opinion lend credence to your belief that it's proof of "leftists" hate America or as you put it Chris Kyle represent everything "they" hate after your list of things like white, male, conservative, etc...

The only real anger and hate I see is coming from guys like you

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