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Author Topic: N.Y. Muslim Man Charged With Beheading His Estranged Wife  (Read 4795 times)
Getbig V
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Team Nasser

« Reply #25 on: February 07, 2013, 09:27:06 AM »

I went between catholic church and protestant church myself, the one thing I can say about protestants is that they are more loose but that they represent idolatry less in the sense unlike catholics who have idols all over the churches, praying to Jesus, praying to Mary, praying to saints, etc.. I didn't find the same in protestantism. If you go to a protestant church you will not find idols like you will in catholic churches.

None the less both teach and ascribe to the trinity end of story. And both have man made things. The thing is catholics are more strict in preserving what they 'believe', while protestants well.. change. Protestantism was born out of recognition of the corruption in catholicism.

Buying your way into heaven was a big one. Literally paying priests to 'enter heaven' lol. How brainless people are to fall for crap like that. Of course that was in medieval times not today but still.

I personally felt more comfortable in a protestant church than a catholic church. Catholic churches felt 'ritualized' with pagan stuff (which it indeed is) and all the idols etc... it just didn't fly with me. Protestantism you could debate but then they became too lose in belief.

None felt as the word of God but quite clearly the work of men.

My family and I used to be all members of the united church of canada. We even had our own photos in the church book Tongue

Kind people, we still keep in touch with them, but Islam is the truth.

There are just so many offshoot branches its hard to keep up...

If anything I found catholics far more endorsed in the whole holy spirit, son of God ordeal than protestants themselves. They were adamant over it hence like I said very strict and form on trinitarian beliefs not that the protestants weren't.

I also remember with my catholic school going to a school field trip where we had people 'talk in tongues' to us. I 'fell to the ground' (faked it -- i dunno i saw others doing it so i felt inclined) lol.. later we found out they injected some of the girls with some drug and that's why they fainted. I was like WOW AM I GLAD I FAKED IT LOL

Sorry to dissapoint you again MOS, but unless protestants are now also non-christians, I don't know who's left to be a 'true christian'.
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Man of Steel
Getbig V
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Isaiah40:28-31 ✝ Romans10:9 ✝ 1Peter3:15

« Reply #26 on: February 07, 2013, 09:39:56 AM »

You can call out the differences in theology all you want but you are not convincing anyone else that your interpretation is scriptural while theirs is non-scriptural.  You state your opinions as though they are universally accepted concrete facts (ex. "Catholics are not Christians" rather than "I don't consider Catholics as Christians."  From what little I know of Catholicism I actually find it more reasonable than what Protestants teach.

Add context to the verses and that's deemed "just our interpretation".  Post verses alone and it's not sufficient because their isn't any additional context.  Post the comments of Christians theologians it's ignored or scoffed at.  Simply leave your own comments with no verses and we're making up words because there are no verses included.  If you post a single verse or two their isn't enough context so the entire chapter is required.  If you post the entire chapter it's deemed too much to read and is ignored.  Cite a book for reference from an accredited theologian and that gets, "so I need a book to answer my single question?"  Point is, there isn't a sufficient answer for you or amount of explanation, context, scripture, experience, external reference, online reference, etc....will suffice.  You'll object to this statement as well saying, "it isn't true that nothing will suffice," which validates that nothing is sufficient LOL.  I've written small essays on this board answering a myriad of questions and objections (ahmed's primarily)....nothing is sufficient.  Keep in mind that the claim of insufficiency doesn't invalidate a word I've written....this statement will probably get the ole "that goes both ways though".  Difference is, I don't attack Islam (and disagreeing is different than attacking).  I don't need Islam discredited to validate Christianity.

It's really not my problem anymore.

I basically ignore ahmed for the most part now unless he completely misrepresents Christians...then I respond.

If you'd like, read Paul Copan's "That's Just Your Interpretation" or “How Do You Know You’re Not Wrong” or “True For You, But Not For Me” or “Is God A Moral Monster”.  You’d could probably pick up a good used copy of all on Amazon for a few bucks each….all good reads.

So I’m unclear, do I point out theological differences (as I noted) or do I state everything as though it's universally accepted fact?  If it’s universally accepted I probably shouldn’t have noted the 1 billion dissenting Catholics and 1 billion dissenting Muslims.   As I mentioned yesterday, Christians appear narrow-minded because Christ is the narrow gate to salvation…..I follow the master, the master doesn’t follow me.    

I think it’s completely reasonable that a Muslim would find Catholicism more appealing than Christianity….they do align better in terms of a works-based theology (not exact alignment of course LOL).
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Getbig V
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Team Nasser

« Reply #27 on: February 07, 2013, 09:42:45 AM »

They don't align at all but okay.

All we have in relation to chrsitianity is Jesus. OTherwise we are far closer to the true religion that Jesus followed which is far closer to judaism than what paul and the church invented later for example throwing away God's law and replacing it with man made laws. In either cases for example protestants and catholics follow man made laws.

God did not forbid religious men from marrying yet catholics do.

Amongst certain protestants gay marriage has been 'okayed' yet God does not approve of homosexuals in teh first place and destroyed a whole nation upon it. But anyways

The question of divorce in chrsitianity was another big debate. According to catholic's view based on paul's view, they saw divorce as a form of adultery.

You will find many of Jesus' teachings and sayings as mentioend in the bible, mentioned by Muhammad in hadith and mentioned by the quran by God. But you will NOT find the doctrines of the church or paul.
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