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« Reply #25 on: January 11, 2014, 01:25:26 PM »

Bro first off THANK YOU so much for answering these questions totally appreciate and I promise after this I ain't gonna bug you.

Here is the situation.

I have an appointment with my "specialist endo" this guy is hard to get an appointment with but will write me script for whatever I want no questions asked.

The problem is here in the UK you can only get the following products human grade via script from a legit high street pharmacy and I ain't got time and patience to play the underground game.

I can only get as follows:

Genotropin GH
Verimon Test Prop
Nebido (some shit you inject once every 3-4 months)

...also all the PCT stuff I can get like nolva, arimidex, hcg, clomid etc

Now based on above what would you have me do, what doses etc.

Now here are my rules and objectives:

1) Look like a phsique model. I just wanted to look shredded and well proportioned I don't care about being a mass monster etc
2) MY HAIR CANNOT FALLOUT (I have propecia at hand, no family history of MPB and me and my whole family actually have really thick bushy hair)

Below is pic of kinda where I am at right now which is pretty fat (I think maybe 15% ish)

3) AM I too fat to be doing steroids?

Never done any cycles in my life, total noob and natty. Just did 45 days of GH which I stopped cos it did nothing for me and was too expensive anyway.

I REALLY DONT WANNA GET TO BIG and I DONT WANNA GO OVER 180LBS ( I do lots of sports, mma and cardio, need to stay light)

Thanks bro, cos I really want to get this nailed down for Monday.

First, do not stop asking questions, this is the beauty of getbig, we don't judge and respect all levels and besides others read too, so more questions the better.

before I answer your main question, I have to say this; you need to watch your diet. Compounds do not get you ripped, dieting does. So stick to these foods and watch your carbs,keep them low

Egg whites
Chicken breast
lean Turkey
Protein shake ( find one with less then 4 grams of carbs per serving)

Now the following protein sources are kept to once a day;

Lean steak
Lean ground beef
Lean roast beef

Here are your vegetable source;

Broccoli/purple sprouting broccoli
Romaine lettuce
Green Peppers

As for your question, keep things as simple as possible, its your first time out so stick to one compound test prop at 100mg EOD and no ancillaries or AI's or nothing, Basics is key to the least amount of side effects. You do not need anything other then test prop for your first time out.

 follow these types of food with 150 grams of carbs per day and the prop and you will be lean and dry in no time.

as for the your next question of being to fat to do steroids, whoever is spewing that HS is an imbecile. Now there are certain compounds you should never take if you are over weight such as winstrol or anavar or even a few others.
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« Reply #26 on: January 11, 2014, 05:20:52 PM »

I don't believe in this genetic gifted bullshit but I ain't no expert. For me the only thing that genetics affects is how tall you are and your bone structure, but forget this argument for now.

Give me your best shot as to what drugs to take to look like above.

Even something like this is fine.

Hold on man.  You are definitely just a troll and I'm positive of it now.

In the offseason thread when you were getting golden advice from people who seemed to actually care.  All you kept saying was how your genetics just wouldn't allow for this this and that (basically just rebuffing anything that anybody had to offer).  And I can promise you it wasn't in relation to height or bone structure..

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« Reply #27 on: January 11, 2014, 11:01:32 PM »

Ahh man, thank you so much once again, you are one seriously awesome guy onetimehard, that's why I came on Getbig in the first place cos I was looking up info about steroids cos I got so sick and disappointed about being natty. Thank you man means alot to me.

Ok awesome, I am gonna do exactly what you say, I am gonna diet real hard, low carb's keto style and do test prop only at 100 EOD.

Are you sure I don't need and AI like Arimidex? My current E2 levels are 109 nmol/l, the reference range is 50 to 150 nmol/l

would it not be prudent just to take say 1/2 tab dex EOD with the prop?

Also I wanna add propecia at 1mg a day only just to be safe ( think I am worry too much about the hairloss cos I have really thick hair anyway but still)

I am gonna go on from Tuesday (doctors appointment is on Monday) and I will do transformation thread with progress pictures.

Thanks once again for all your help brother.


with the hair thing that is fine, take proper measures but for adex, I would hold on to that thought for now, start without for 2 weeks and see how things are from there, you can always throw it in if you need to later, My guess is you won't be needing it at this dose
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« Reply #28 on: January 12, 2014, 04:25:30 AM »

Thanks Onetimehard, decision has been made and I am going on from Tuesday exactly like you said.

Will keep the dex on hand in case I need it but won't take it from the off like you said.

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