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Author Topic: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Manganiello join Hulk Hogan  (Read 5372 times)
Roger Bacon
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Roger Bacon tries to be witty and fails

« Reply #25 on: March 26, 2014, 03:39:55 AM »

but Hogan will throw me out the ring Grin


Funny thought  Grin
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Getbig V
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I want my shoes back, Denise.

« Reply #26 on: March 26, 2014, 06:15:52 AM »

5:00 Grin
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I can't believe the Hulkster threw True Adonis out of the ring like that. I smell a lawsuit.
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Ronnie Rep
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« Reply #27 on: March 26, 2014, 07:04:55 AM »

Hulk must need money after his divorce.

1998 - knee surgery - left; entire procedure was video taped; doctor kept playing to the camera; Hogan still had intense pain afterwards
1999 - knee surgery - left; Dr. Fox cleaned up the knee a bit more and removed a bone spur from from the back of Hogan's knee which was effecting the outside of the hamstring; Hogan said the pain was almost gone after this; Hogan kept the shockingly large bone spur and showed it on an episode of "Hogan Knows Best"
2001 - knee surgery - left;
Oct 31, 2003 - knee surgery - left; Dr. Repicci reshaped the kneecap and moved it over slightly to relieve pressure; Hogan injured his knee on October 13th in a match with Masahiro Chono in Japan; Hogan was scheduled to make his NWA-TNA debut on November 30 but that had to be cancelled do to the surgery
2004 - hip replacement
< 2005 - full knee replacement - left
2005 - cosmetic laser surgery - to make him look younger for his big return; at Linda's suggestion lol
  ○    August 4, 2006 - partially torn meniscus in his right knee; while preparing for his upcoming match with Randy Orton, Hogan suffered an injury that             jeopardized the match; Hogan had an MRI tonight at a Miami hospital to determine the extent of the injury which is in his right knee (his good one) "It         started about two weeks ago, like a toothache," Hogan said, "the joint on the outside of the knee. I was complaining to my son Nick that it was killing             me all the time. I have been on the road with my daughter Brooke and haven't been able to work out my legs like I should." Hogan added: "Yesterday, I         did a couple of leg exercises at a gym. When I got home, I sat on my new couch and it was like sitting in a hole. When I got up, it sounded like a snap,         an explosion in the kneecap. I can stand and walk a bit, but its hard for me to sit and get up and down the stairs."; Hogan opted not to have surgery             but to instead get a cortisone shot to numb the pain enough for him to wrestle at Summerslam
February 2009 - back surgery - laser spine procedure; doctors burned away nerve ends and bone to prevent Hogan from feeling pain; problem was, when the nerve ends grew back the pain returned and now he had less support in his back from bone
< July 2009 - elbow & shoulder surgery (not necessarily at the same time): While in town for a meet & greet, Hogan did an interview with the Chicago Tribune. When asked about when he would be coming back to wrestle he replied, “About every third person was saying, ‘When are you going to get in the ring again?’ They don’t realize that, even though I look the same way I looked 30 years ago—kind of—my body is pretty beat up. It’s kind of hard to explain to them.  The hip replacements, the back surgeries, the elbow surgeries, the shoulder surgeries…I never like to say never, but right now I’m on the rebuild and rewind process."
August 10, 2009 - back surgery - laser surgery: after collapsing in pain on an episode of his daughter Brooke Hogan's reality TV show "Brooke Knows Best"  the Hulkster was rushed to the hospital where Neurosurgeon Juan Uribe told him he had “serious problems” with his spine; Hulk admitted to the doctor that previous injuries meant he was living in constant and crushing pain, which he described as “44-7”; Hogan underwent laser surgery on his spine to relieve "constant" and "crushing" back pain; he had also experienced numbness in his legs and was unable to stand for more than a few minutes at a time; hogan said he opted for laser surgery because a more invasive back surgery involving metal rods in his back would have likely killed his chances for a comeback; the whole procedure was filmed for his daughter's reality show, Brooke Knows Best, and aired last night on VH1; the Hulkster said he was feeling better almost immediately after the surgery and proved the Hulk of old was back when he told pal and fellow ex-wrestling star Brian Knobs: “What the f*** are you bringing me flowers for? I’m not your damn girlfriend.”
May 26, 2010 - back surgery - four-hour operation to remove bone spurs which had come loose from his spine and were causing him extreme pain; the procedure went well and the 56-year-old grappler was able to leave hospital and return home to recover on the same day
September 5, 2010 - back surgery - lumbar radiofrequency ablation; a procedure in which a probe is used to destroy nerve fibers and reduce pain sensation; Vanderbilt University Medical Center reports that the success rate for lumbar radiofrequency ablation ranges from 60 to 90 percent and that its effects can diminish one to two years after surgery;  a youtube video from Sept 20, 2010, shows Hogan speaking to a nurse, who explains that he underwent four radiofrequency ablations, which she says is the maximum number surgeons will do at one time. “I’ve been ablated,” Hogan tells the camera. “They burned all the nerves in my back.”
  ○    September 6, 2010 - Hogan - who has had several back surgeries throughout the years - has had trouble the past few days and woke up this morning         unable to get out of bed; his girlfriend (and future wife) Jennifer called the ambulance and, we're told, he was taken to the Morton Plant Hospital in             Clearwater, FL; in order to keep fans updated on his condition, Hogan put a video up on Twitter with him in the emergency room. Hogan, who is clearly         medicated, recounts the events leading up to his hospital trip telling the fans, telling his fans: "My back went into a major spasm from hip all the way to         the middle of my back — it just totally overwhelmed me. I’m not doing too good right now.” and said that this problem had nothing to do with the back         surgeries; later, Hogan tweeted: “Thank all u guys for all the good vibes and prayers. never had anything like this happen before. Love you. HH.”; when         he was released the following Thursday he stated that this latest back problem was a real wake up call and saying his first plans were to move up his         wedding to fiancé Jennifer McDaniel. {watch 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}
September 28, 2010 - back surgery - Hogan has an electric stimulator inserted into his back; "Hogan will have an implant placed in his back where he will get a remote control where he will be able to adjust the electrode stimuli. The stimuli will pulse into certain areas of his back (such as places with excessive scar tissue) that puts pressure on his spine." ; the device - which is only temporary - leaves wires hanging out of his back (gross!); Hogan, who calls this the “make it or break it Hail Mary” procedure writes on his twitter account
“Going for the make it or break it hail Mary.at4:00pm having an electrical spinal cord stimulator inserted for a test run,praying it works.”
“[I've] had 6 small back surgeries,everything was fine,then for 4hrs I was picking up shells on the beach,my back blewout”
“I’m sick of being down and I’m sick of all these heavy pain pills,dog I’m gonna kick out”
“You guys really gave me a shot in the arm that I needed,thank u for all the love,support,positive vibes right now,believe me it really helps”
“I’m gonna shave,jump in the shower,get totally clean right now,because after the procedure it will be hard to shower with the wires hanging out of my back.I’m praying when this works,a couple days later they can implant the machine permanently.I’ll keep u guys updated as soon as I get off the operating table and let u know if it is working.then well have fun and I’ll try to gross u out with some good pictures.”
October 6, 2010 - back surgery - permanent spinal cord stimulator fitted into his back Hogan was released that night after what he calls a "very, very painful" procedure; sources say Hogan remains "upbeat" despite continued agony {pic}
  ○    October 7, 2010 - Hogan re-admitted himself into the hospital as he was still suffering excruciating pain despite the SCS implant; Hogan is among the         10-40 percent of back surgery patients who experience failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS), a term used to describe the condition of patients who             continue to have back pain after surgery; according to, back surgery is the only procedure with a failure rate so high that it actually             has a name; the number one reason back surgeries fail is that the injury or condition operated on is not actually the cause of the pain which is why             Hogan would later sue the Laser Spine Institute clinic asking $50million for performing "unnecessary surgeries"
October 2012 - dental surgery - sinus graft procedure (to replace teeth); Hogan went in for dental surgery to get implants; the doctor performed a sinus graft - placing a donor bone in the mouth to support the implant; Hulk then went to a cosmetic surgeon to begin the implant process; when the doc removed the mold in Hulk's mouth, it ripped out around 50 stitches from the donor bone procedure; Hulk had been dealing with problems ever since, his mouth became infected and the antibiotics just weren't doing the trick; it was later discovered that the dentist left a metal tack in his mouth (OUCH!)
December 21, 2010 - back surgery - 10 hour procedure to straighten his spine; "It was a pretty lengthy surgical procedure. Doctors did some fusion work and rebuilding and restructuring of the spine. But he's recovering smoothly," a source tells Radar online. "We hope he'll be able to leave the hospital relatively quickly. He's always taken very good care of himself and in very good physical shape." Hulk Hogan tweeted about his upcoming back surgery, saying: "Going for broke in six hrs. Rollin all the marbles, I bet on me..I love all u maniacs! See all u guys soon." {pics: 1, 2}
January 10,  2012 - dental surgery - to remove a metal tack from his mouth; ever since the sinus graft procedure last October Hulk had been dealing with problems, his mouth became infected and the antibiotics just weren't doing the trick; so recently Hulk had a CAT scan, which revealed - get this - that one of the doctors left a metal tack in his mouth (OUCH - AGAIN!); Hulk went to the hospital for surgery -- to remove the tack and clean out the mess."They had to drill a fucking hole in my face!" says Hogan
July 16, 2012 - knee and hip surgery; Hulk Hogan underwent knee and hip surgery to repair long-lingering wrestling injuries; the TNA superstar posted a video on his Twitter account to assure fans that he is recovering from the hip and knee operations. He also joked that his former wrestling manager Jimmy Hart is working as his nurse; on July 18 Hogan tweeted, "Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers,like brand new brother, nurse Jimmy taking good care of me. HH" {watch} {pic}
February 7, 2013 - knee surgery - right; when asked in a December interview what he would like on his Christmas wish list Hogan stated (among other things) that he wanted to have his other knee replaced and then to go after the TNA World title, since the surgery he's been teasing an inring return tweeting, "@JerrySorrentino yo Jerry getting back on track,this could get real interesting really fast brother,never say never brother." and "HH4Life2sweet "2Weeks since the knee surgery,seeing the light at the end of the tunnel,thanks for friends and family pushing me foward,2013is gonnabestrong"; was Hogan serious about going after the title or is he working us? Either way he's got the wrestling world talking! {pic}
March 2013 - knee surgery - right; Hulk Hogan appeared on the March 7th episode of Impact Wrestling using crutches having reportedly having another operation on the right knee; no details were released
May 26 2013 - debridement of burned skin  - left hand; Hogan was rushed to the hospital with severe burns on his left hand after his radiator exploded causing his fingers to swell up to grotesque proportions; Hogan posted several pictures of the injury and surgery on his twitter and Facebook showing that he was in good spirits by posting humorous captions such as "Ouch", "Double ouch" etc... {pics: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}
July 2013 - back surgery - On the September 11, 2013 PWTorch Livecast interview with “The Mouth Of The South” Jimmy Hart, the WWE Hall Of Fame manager and long-time business partner of Hulk Hogan mentioned another successful surgery when asked whether or not he thinks we’ll see Hulk Hogan wrestle again: “I think you will. I just talked with Hulk a few days ago before he went up with the Dallas Cowboys and did some stuff with them. And his hips are doing great now, he finally got the last operation two months ago, he got that little gidget (sic) out of his back that was used if
Hogan got fleeced in his divorce! He gave Linda 70% of their assets!
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Getbig V
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Pretty sure he isn't in Ibiza getting the girls

« Reply #28 on: March 26, 2014, 07:11:30 AM »

2009-2013 must've been rough years for Hogan, constantly in and out of hospital , having surgeries and healing.

It's a wonder he's still a bundle of energy in the ring
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Getbig V
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« Reply #29 on: March 26, 2014, 09:23:09 AM »

Yea he seems to have the same energy he did going back to his early years, same as arnold they have that natural charisma and positive attitude
always on show

2009-2013 must've been rough years for Hogan, constantly in and out of hospital , having surgeries and healing.

It's a wonder he's still a bundle of energy in the ring
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