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Author Topic: hcg use for noobs  (Read 665 times)
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« on: July 18, 2014, 11:33:10 AM »

I've had alot of people asking me how to effectively use hcg and I thought I'd throw my two cents In, for some reason everyone seems to think you need to shoot these huge amounts of hcg anywhere from 1500 iu to 5000 iu in one go to induce a response from the testicles when infact studies have shown that as little as 100iu a day can completely prevent shutdown in a healthy male undergoing trt.

I think alot of the misconception stems from the fact that the majority of men using hcg to increase sperm count are infertile and require these huge amounts to get a response, a healthy male does not, when you start taking an exogenous form of male hormone your brain reduces testicular function by limiting the release of leutenising hormone which commands the testes to function.

Hcg copies the effect of leutenising hormone on the testes, so it would be safe to assume that replacing the direct message to the testacles during a course of steroids would keep them producing sperm and testosterone during a cycle yes?

Now you have guys like rich piana telling kids that 5000iu doses need to be shot every week to rectify the problem when in actuality enormous doses of hcg have been shown to now only lower your testes sensitivity to your own leutenising hormone but actually induces spermatogenesis, and if your planning on actually being able to come off gear all together that is definitely not a good thing, you can claim what im saying is bullshit but atleast take into account the fact that rich has been on gear since he was 16 and there is a very likely chance the only way he can induce any kind of response after all this time is with a dose recommended for an infertile man.

If you havent already been cycling without hcg for a long time this Information could be ball saving for you, i was lucky enough to dedicate the time into looking at real research after my first cycle which left me depressed and limp for 3 month after only 10 weeks of test cyp.

A week into a cycle I begin using 300 - 500 iu of hcg on a monday and thursday right up until 10 days before the last ester in my system clears before starting clomid, the only thing that seems to have a noticable effect on sperm quality in my experience is the introduction of progesterone based drugs to the system and can easily be rectified (atleast in my case) by going from the afformentioned 300iu to 500iu.

Also progesterone should be dropped earlier depending on half life and test should be tapered down to the point you come off seeing as its easier for your body to turn back on leutenising hormone output when exogenous test levels get below a certain threshold (it doesnt seem to be as simple as an on/off switch).

I hope this can help many of you seeing as running hcg this way has changed my pct from 3 months of misery to not even being able to tell if I came off even after coming off of upto a gram of test and near 700mg of deca for 4 months.

There could potentially be disadvantages to running even low doses of hcg nonstop through a cycle but I have yet to experience any, once ive had a kid ill go onto trt doses in between cycles but as for now this works VERY well in my experience.

Ill have to search for these studies again so myself and all you can check it out, but atleast ive given you a plausible answer to why it should be done this way and not just to do it like so many bro's tend to do.

If you have any info to contend with what ive said then tell me because I dont want to be doing it wrong or proving bad information either, but if you dont agree with my points atleast give an explanation as to why.


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