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« on: August 03, 2015, 08:39:12 AM »
Cross-posting from the G&O:

I don't take kindly to disrespect. Not on the internet, not in person, not in a grocery store parking lot, not in line at Walmart, not in a restaurant, not at the beach, not at the dry cleaners...anywhere.

People talk about the 'pussyfication' of America, yet they run their mouths thinking they won't get slapped and get their arm broken in front of their friends.

Spent many years in a place where if you talk slick and say something out of line to somebody, you know that when you say it, you better be ready for what happens. most people here in the 'real world' aren't ready for what could happen...and run their mouths like the world is a make-believe cartoon. Despite wearing nice slacks, polished shoes and a nice shirt, the guy you steal that parking spot from at the grocery store and proceed to flip off, may have just gotten out of prison and will have no problem identifying the bitch in you and proceed to teach you a lesson by taking you down to the ground and kicking out your teeth before you even know what happened.

The guy who's willing to go the furthest, wins. If you're not willing to go all the way, it's best you keep your mouth shut and move on, and make it to the next day.

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Re: Reminder:
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Important words.