Author Topic: Giorgio Andrews: Current UCMMA Double Belt Holder & Undefeated 9-0 Champ Is....  (Read 8960 times)


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1) Cos that's my real first name.
2) I am not holding bonnie, that's my aunt, I was taking the pic. Bonnie is staying over at my parents house till my building works and renovations are over in my place cos I don't want him to be around paint or dust.
3) I am not holding the dog. See above.

So I bring the best bantamweight and flyweight undefeated UK champ, soon to be heading to the UFC and you are more concerned about who is holding my dog???
If there is a vacant position on the MMA board, maybe we should get me to mod it since Shizzo is hopeless and I can actually add some value to that board.

Just a thought.

Oh and bonnie says hi

Never heard of that guy before. :-\


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Guy might be Skillmaster General, but if he's, like, 125 pounds, what does it matter? A tiny tit is a tiny tit, no matter how efficient he is in-da-cage.


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Cant stop laughing at his face on crows body.truly an ugly fuck,if it werent for his millions he would be a virgin me thinks.