Author Topic: Possible Problems Confronting Any New Bodybuilding Organization  (Read 1291 times)


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Now that it looks like Wayne Demillia will really be running with a new organization in "opposition" to the IFBB, it might be interesting and helpful to discuss some of the possible problems and confrontations that could be arising soon.

I've always been told that competition is good for business, so maybe it will be good for the bodybuilders too. I'm not an expert on the history of monopolies within the US, but I assume that they don't give up that advantage without a fight and threats of legal action along the way.

So, I offer my best to Wayne in the hopes that he will change the present situation for the better in some noticeable way.

Here are some possibilities of the problems he will be facing .....

The IFBB could threaten the present IFBB members with expulsion if they support another bodybuilding organization.

But if that is illegal for some unknown reason, they could make it difficult for anyone to place in the money if that person was also competing in another organization.

(I believe that the NPC found itself in this position in the early days when they would not allow athletes to compete in NPC events if they competed elsewhere until a US Court decided otherwise. Anyone got those details? And if that Court Decision applies to the IFBB?)

And major sponsors could also be threatened with "expulsion" if they helped a new organization.

But I think Wane's biggest problem will be convincing the competitive athletes that he is offering a long lasting and unique organization on behalf of the athletes and the fans. An organization that will fill in the potholes that the IFBB seems to overlook.

Good luck, Wayne, in your efforts to do so.