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Training Frequency For Muscle Growth
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Today in this blog topic of CRB Tech Reviews, we would discuss muscle training and why you should do train each muscle group twice a week.

Be it training, dieting or supplementation—they are done for one reaction, i.e. muscle growth. In words of science, muscle growth is hypertrophy. And to induce hypertrophy in muscles, you need training. So now the BIG question is how often you should train each muscle group.

muscle trainingTo continue knowing read through this blog.


Hypertrophy means an increase in the actual size/protein content of the muscles; in real muscle growth. The first requirement to achieve hypertrophy is a high tension muscle stimulation or to simply put, working the muscles as in the gym. This makes the satellite cells in the muscle tissues active, which commands the nucleus to produce messenger RNA (mRNA), a blueprint for proteins. The mRNA makes out of the nucleus where it eventually runs into a cellular machine called a ribosome. On getting instruction from mRNA, the ribosome starts grabbing amino acids out of the intracellular amino acid pool and starts putting them together into new contractile proteins, which are then, integrated into the existing cells and damaged muscle fibres. This acts as a healer and allows muscles to get bigger in size. This entire process is called ‘Muscle protein syntheses.

Till what duration the Protein Synthesis Lasts? muscle-fitness

Now the protein synthesis doesn’t stay happening forever. Rather, the increase in protein synthesis is gone within 36 hours after training. Guys who take on steroids achieve an advanced protein synthesis mechanism and hence grow tremendous muscles in a very small span of time. Hence, for natural lifters training every muscle in 48 hours is not only beneficial but I’ll say essential. To make sure you train every muscle group and twice a week, try these training splits-

1) Upper body, lower body splits

2) Push, Pull, legs splits

3) Full body workout splits

Again, every training program is very subjective. Stick to the routine that works for you and only trial and error will get you to that realization.

So we conclude here.

Hope these doses of information are sufficient for this moment. Our effort was to make you acquaint you with the scientific facts behind muscle growth. it’s a natural process that is speed up either using trainings or supplements hence need to be very cautious. Your ignorance might temper with the natural processes and side effects might leave you ugly or unsatisfied with the results.

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Re: Training Frequency For Muscle Growth
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