Author Topic: 20 inch forearms  (Read 2026 times)


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Re: 20 inch forearms
« Reply #25 on: May 17, 2019, 08:24:05 PM »
looks like excessive jerking off to me

I shot 6 loads in 17 hours two days ago, and extended it to 8 in 34 hours. Is that bad?

Was curious about my heart 💓 function after gaining weight and reaching my lifetime fattest weight of 213-lb in August of 2018. I'm 180-lb now, seeking to starve myself down to 165-lb, and clean bulk up to 175-lb. I am confident that I can reach a pretty close physique to Mark Wahlberg in FEAR. With a flat stomach, but not with abs that good.  But overall carrying roughly that size.

Also...I think tightening the tape in the OP would only lose maybe 1". So yes, those are huge forearms.

Frank McGrath has elite arm genetics all around.


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Re: 20 inch forearms
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But she's got a cute face.................... ....


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Re: 20 inch forearms
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i never thought to measure mine when they were their biggest. (measuring tapes and cameras were kind of laughed at back in the early nineties)
but they have been an inch bigger than in this pic. and you could add a half inch or better measuring the way eric is.


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Re: 20 inch forearms
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Considered short in Northern Europe

In some parts of Asia he might be regarded as relatively tall however

Northern Europeans are the tallest in the world, so 5'10 would be relatively tall or above average in most of the world.