Melvin Anthony – where have you been?

From our sources, Melvin Anthony has come back from a month out in Kuwait, where he ate, slept and trained hard for the upcoming Arnold Classic competition March 1st. Melvin went out there to endorse a gym, signed a lot of photographs, made a number of appearance, and even went on an Arabic television show much like the ‘Jay Leno’ show that we have here, and talked about bodybuilding, competing and training. Melvin spoke in English to the host, while the translator gave his responses. It was a blast.

Our friends say that Melvin is 255 pounds, and his conditioning is right on to surprise many at the Arnold Classic. Melvin may be considered the underdog at the Arnold Classic to place even in the top three, but he intends to beat out his own physique from the last show, which was the Olympia. Either way, it is going to be a great battle on stage between the competitors. We will next see Melvin at the Ironman Pro show, but not competing. Melvin will be there to check out his fellow competitors, and will be at the Weider booth, since Muscletech may not have a booth there.