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2019 Olympia Pictures Backstage from Friday Finals

The 2019 Olympia contest on Friday night featured Men’s Bodybuilding Prejudging, Figure, and the Finals of the Bodybuilding 212lb and Under Division. Here are behind the scenes and backstage pics by Ron Avidan.

2019 Olympia Thursday Evening Meet The Competitors

Thursday evening at the 2019 Olympia, the public got to meet the competitors competing at the Olympia stage. Here are some of the competitors at the Orleans Arena. Pictures by Ron Avidan.

2019 Olympia Pictures from the Athlete Competitor Meetings

The 2019 Olympia Athlete Meetings is where the competitors learn about what to do, where to go, get their number, and learn the schedule. Here the pictures from the meetings, taken by J.M. Manion and Ron Avidan.