2019 Olympia Pictures Backstage from Friday Finals

The 2019 Olympia contest on Friday night featured Men’s Bodybuilding Prejudging, Figure, and the Finals of the Bodybuilding 212lb and Under Division. Here are behind the scenes and backstage pics by Ron Avidan.

Friday night was the first of two contests for the Olympia events at the Orleans Arena. Thursday evening featured the ‘Meet the Olympians’ at the arena and was free to the public. Ron Avidan was there to document some of the behind the scenes and backstage pictures as the evening went through. This year we had a new changing of the guard from last year in terms of products. Dan Solomon became the Chief Olympia Officer, and Tamer El-Guindy became the Production Manager making sure all aspects went well this evening. It did.

Here is the gallery, please click on the link to go to the pics

2019 Olympia Friday Backstage and Behind the Scenes Pictures