American Gladiators Season 2 – Update and could love be in the air for one gladiator?

This Sunday marks the end of the American Gladiator season one. A couple Gladiators bit the dust in the first season’s taping and will not be back for round two. Some inside scoop for fans… Final tryouts will be held this weekend in Los Angles at the Fit Expo. If you haven’t tried out and still interested in becoming a new American Gladiator or contestant this is the place to be on Friday and Saturday.

Things are moving quick on the casting front. Both Gladiators and Contenders will need to be available March 5- March 9, 2008. If you haven’t been called back or invited to attend this round by these dates, sorry but you’re not in the running. Those who make it through the first March Madness round will be invited back for a Gladiator or Contender Boot Camp. Gladiators will have their camp March 17-22 and the Contenders will be held March 23-28. Actual taping of the shows will begin on March 31st.

Several NPC/IFBB men and women are in the running as new Gladiators or Contenders. I’m confident we’ll see at least two NPC/IFBB competitors make it onto the second season.

A little birdie told me that one of the current American Gladiators may have found a new love. What does this mean for this Gladiator? We’ll have to wait and see but rest assured you’ll get the full scoop as it develops.