American Gladiators Season 2 will begin May 12th

Monday, May 12th is when we will see the second season of American Gladiators premier on NBC. Which new Gladiators will come aboard, we are not sure yet, but we know that TNA’s wrestling star Matt Morgan will become one of the newest American Gladiators.

We are not sure yet if Evan Dollard and Monica Carlson, the winners of Season One, will become American Gladiators, although they have been offered the chance to do so.  At this past weekends Arnold Classic expo in Columbus, Ohio, the casting crew of AG were still looking and interviewing potentional Gladiators and competitors.

So how were the ratings for Season One? It was the number one new series for NBC, will an average rating of close to 10 million people per week! Now that isnt bad at all!

We have also learned that a number of Season One Gladiators will not be back on the show, due to various reasons. But until the official Gladiator list is completed for Season 2, anything can happen.