American Gladiators Season 2 will begin to tape on April 8th at the L.A. Sports Arena

Forget Sony Studios in Culver Studios, where the events for Season one was taped at. This time, for Season Two, they are going bigger and better. What? Are you saying they are not taping in a 42,000 square foot set. Nope, they are going to be taping at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, at 3939 South Figueroa Street, very close to where USC is. That places is huge, and has about 13,000 seats around the arena. Now that is going to be an event. It also as the room to house all of the events, instead of just building them up and removing them every few days.Unlike Season One, we hear that there is going to be a pool which is above water, and you can see in, so you can watch the Gladiator and competitors under water too.

The first show will begin taping on Tuesday, April 8th, at 5pm. Each show will last 4-5 hours, so expect to be there, until after 10pm. Taping should last from April 8 to around April 20th or so.

Season Two’s premiere will be two hours long, and will begin on Monday, May 12th, and will continue every Monday with a 90 minute show. Who will be the new Gladiators? Who won’t be on the show?

Well, we know from various sources that Matt Morgan and Erin Toughill, both MMA stars, are going to be two of the new Gladiators. Add to that, perhaps, the two winners of Season One, and we have four new Gladiators to check out. Check here for more updates.